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Non Conventional Energy Projects

We have discussed many projects related to nonconventional energy and it is important that you select one of these as your final year or science fair project because concern over global warming is increasing with each passing day and solution of this problem can only be done by using science and engineering.

Pedal Powered Juicer Grinder
Fabrication of Cam less engine
Water Fuel Power Generation System
Light Weight Floating Wind Turbine
Pedal Powered Water Filter
Solar Powered Water Pump
Solar Turbine Generator
Bio Gas Powered Water Heater
Generating Electricity using Waste Water
Solar Powered Steam Engine
Mechanical Sprayer
Wind-powered drip irrigation system
Highway Wind Turbine
Power Generation using Railway track
Details of Energy Development at Wikipedia
Generating Electricity using Road

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Generate Homemade Electricity
Perpetual motion machine
Regenerative Braking System
Generate Electricity from speed breaker
Generate Electricity from Dance Floor

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