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Wind Powered Drip Irrigation

Whenever, I visit any nearby farm land, one thing I notice mostly is its dependence on continuous water supply. Some areas have sufficient water but in most of the places, I found that they are heavily dependent on ground water and rain. Moreover, many people still use traditional methods of irrigation due to which large amount of water get wasted.

Agriculture has become very vital with continuous increase in world population. Population affects agriculture from both ends, firstly by creating shortage of land to create houses and industries for new generation and secondly by increasing food demand.

For shortage of water, drip irrigation is widely popular. But, it depends greatly on electricity. This electricity is either provided by government or produced by fossil fuel generators. In my opinion, both ways are costly and pollute our environment too.

What’s the solution?

Wind Powered Drip Irrigation

When problem is of that large scale, it can’t be solved by one solution.Therefore I decided to write series of project ideas related to this topic in coming months. Today, my focus is on drip irrigation using wind power.
By analyzing all facts, I found that to increase production,we need to utilize every available resource and for that we need to shift our focus to the land which is bare because of water shortages.To use these lands, we need water. We should save water using drip irrigation at places where it is available at abundant and divert it into water scarce areas.

How we can do that?
  • 1. Promoting drip irrigation to all the places irrespective of water shortage or not : In last 10 years, drip irrigation has become very popular and affordable too. Governments in many countries started to give subsidies to make it more attractive.
  • 2. Using renewable sources of energy in agriculture: In my opinion, if we use renewable energy, like wind, to power our pump. It would make drip irrigation more popular in areas where electricity is not easily accessible and fossil fuels are too costly.

Before, I tell you anything, you should know about how drip irrigation works?

These video would help you understand that:

My solution is very simple. I am suggesting you to just replace pump used in this system with windmill pump. These pumps use wind energy to pump water out. Read more at windmill pump project.

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