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Wind Mill Water Pump

Wind Mill Water PumpWe have discussed Drip irrigation powered by wind mill. I told you to use wind powered pump at the place of traditional one. Today we will move one step forward and find out how? In the meanwhile, I would also share some related videos.  So, let’s begin our journey of windmill pump:

Advantages of using windmill pump?

  • It powers itself from green energy.
  • According to many estimates, it can recover its cost in 5 years.
  • It can be used anywhere, even in areas where electricity has not reached yet.
  • If used with drip irrigation, it works automatically without human intervention.

How wind mill pump works?

Windmill revolves with the force of wind and that revolving energy is used to pump the water out from the tank.

Wind mill pump consists of four important components:

  1. Wind mill
  2. Crankshaft
  3. PVC Pipe
  4.  “One way valve” right at the bottom of the pipe


Windmill rotates crankshaft which push and pull the rod attached in up and down motion. This rod contains in a long pipe with one way valve at the bottom. When windmill pulls the rod, water from the tank get sucked into the pipe, but when it pushes the rod down, one way valve doesn’t allow the water stored in the pipe to return. This way, with the help of continuous up and down motion, pipe starts to fill up and eventually reaches to the height and water comes out.

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