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Mechanical Creeper for Disable Person

Mechanical Creeper for Disable Person
Working below the car is very common among the car mechanics and they do it with ease. Moreover, crawling under the car is very vital for their profession too. But, mechanics with disabilities due to old age or accident, found it difficult to work under it and in some cases, they might lose their jobs.

You can yourself imagine how much difficult it is for a person with disability, to crawl under a car without having support of their legs. This project idea deals with this problem.

This problem has been solved by mechanical engineers of Utah University with their new innovation called mechanical creeper which helps disable to works on their cars again.


Person with disability skid from his wheel chair to our creeper and use control box to adjust creepers position to work below the car.

How it works?

Its working is similar to foldable chair. The only difference is that chair is fold by human energy while this creeper would use electrical energy to do it. It gets its instruction from control panel fitted on the chair. Despite being a small project, its impact would be big and it has potential to change lives of many.

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