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Bio gas powered water heater

Bio gas powered water heaterHot water is essential part of human life. During winters, we all need it for our daily activities such as bathing and cleaning. To boil water we use various sources such as coal, petroleum fuel, wood, gas and electricity but most of our methods release greenhouse gases.

Nowadays, Gas geezers are very popular because of their efficiency.  Gas geezers or water heaters burn gas instead of electricity as their heat supplier. There are two types of gas water heaters: With water storage tank and Without water tanks. We can use any from them but I would suggest tank less heater because using it , we would get continuous supply of hot water and it is energy efficient too.

Advantage of using Gas:

Saves your utility bill and reduce green house emission.

What we are trying to achieve?

If we use bio gas instead of polluting gas such as LPG or Natural gas we would able to control green house emission as well as save some money. Moreover, because bio gas can be produced at home using waste, we perform waste management too. The only thing you need to do is to replace your water heater heat source from natural gas cylinder to bio gas. 

What is Bio Gas?
Bio Gas

This is a gas produced by biological breakdown of organic matter. The good news is that it contains 50 to 75 percent of methane which is highly inflammable gas and because of that we can use bio gas to power our heater.

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How to build my own bio gas plant?

I had already explained it on my post Bio gas project with some very useful links. You can read it from here.

How to implement?

We will need two tanks , one to containn cow mud and other much larger tank to store bio gas that manufactured. Bio gas is highly inflammable gas, so we would need storage tank open from one side and completely submerged in water with open side facing downwards.

When storage tank started to fill, it would gradually move upward.

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