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Solar Turbine Generator

Solar Turbine Generator
Solar turbine generators generate electricity in similar way as any other generator; the only difference is that they use sun light in the place of other sources such as coal, wood or petroleum gases.

We had discussed in solar powered steam engines that how we can use sun energy to power our engines. This project idea is extension of that talk.  If we can connect solar powered engine to spin turbine connected to magnets and coil, we can able to generate electricity.

How it works?

As we have discussed in that post how solar energy can be used produce steam. This steam, when connected to steam engine, would rotate the generator to produce electricity.

Usually solar powered steam engines are slow to start and it needs large parabolic mirror even for producing small amount of electricity. Solution of this problem can be hybrid engines powered by both sun light and bio gas. If we put bio gas burner to help sun light to heat water, we would get very efficient and quick to start engine and gradually we can adjust the bio gas supply according to our need.

Though I have seen many solar energy powered steam engine, this hybrid engine(Solar and Bio gas) with steam is unique idea and according to me not implemented yet.


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