If you know about farming, pests cause more damages to crop in comparison to any other factor. One of the solutions for this problem is spraying pesticides. Pesticides have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Which type of pesticides is good for nature is altogether different topic and we would discuss about them later. All we know is spraying pesticides is one of the most pertinent things in farming.

I hope you have seen people spraying in the farms; they use electrical or fossil fuel sprayer to spray pesticides on the field. Today, we will talk about alternatives such as mechanical sprayer.

What is mechanical sprayer?

It is a machine which is used to spray pesticides on crops using concepts of hydraulics as shown in video.


We discussed Pascal law in our post Hydraulic Car lift. We would use same concept here. Mechanical Sprayer consists of small cart, drum, pipe and sprayer itself. It works like a steam engine but in exactly opposite way. Here, when we move cart forward, wheels of cart revolves and push piston in downwards direction. This downward motion of piston push pressure on water and as a result it comes out from the sprayer.

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