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Nitro Powered mini RC Car

Nitro Powered mini RC Car
We have discussed RC Cars before with electric engine and stirling engine. Today we are going to talk about Nitro Car, which has more similarities with cars we use in our daily life.

So, what is Nitro Car?

In my own simple definition, it is a car which runs on fuel consist of methane, nitro methane and oil.It has small internal combustion engine which gets it spark from glow plug powered by batteries inside a car. For more detailed info you can anytime refer to Wikipedia.

What is Glow Plug?

It is similar to spark plug, a helical wire filament usually made up of platinum, but mostly used in small cars. It gets its spark from batteries, compression heat and catalyst effect of methane and platinum.

What’s the difference?

It gets it power from fuel unlike electric cars which use batteries.It has speed and torque which other small cars find difficult to match.

Why should I build one?

It gives you first hand expertise in building a car which has strong resemblance to real world cars. Its combustion cycle is similar to petrol cars. It uses glow plug to ignite a fuel, parallel to spark plug in petrol engines.

Because of all above likeness, it would be great learning curve for all those interested in automobiles.


  • Some time engine gets overheated and can damage itself. We should keep our close eyes on engine temperature. 
  • Tires wear down quickly, because of car speed and drift. Moreover, they are expensive too.

Engineering Branches:

Mechanical and Automobile

Things I need?

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