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We get to see many discussion forums across the internet in many different languages. Their main purpose is to provide a platform to the user for discussion. These forums are not only useful but they are extremely successful. You can imagine their success just by the fact that it is difficult to find a single person who does not use them(either read or participate) once in a month.

In this post, we are discussing the three most famous forum coded in different computer languages. You can download them from their respective sources.
Download Source codes :


PHPBB: phpBB is the world's leading Open Source flat style discussion forum software. It includes all the features you expect to find in today's top of the line software.

Viking board

Discussion forum in PHP and MYSQL

Yet Another Forum.NET

Free Discussion Forum In and C#


J2EE Forum: A J2EE based web application which is used for discussion on various topics. Users can post on individual topics and ask questions that will be answered by other users.

Yazd forum software: This forum software is a Java-based discussion forum, that uses JDBC to store data in a database. This discussion forum is available in different languages and has features for easy integration into a site and easy administration of the forum.

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