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Generating electricity using roads

There are millions of cars on streets around the world at any given time of day. Whenever, we talk about cars;  we start to think about negatives such as pollution , congestion etc etc. Despite all these cons , cars are essential part of our life and project would discuss today use these cars for generating electricity.

We would use Piezoelectric material below the roads.When cars roll over it, due to pressure exerted by the cars, it starts generating electric current.

Generating electricity using roads
Recently , we have discussed most of the project related to Piezoelectric  Some of you might think that why , we are giving such a emphasis on this form of electricity?

When we talk about future of energy , Piezoelectric Electricity is going to play very important role. We are too much dependent on traditional sources ,and  to reduce there dependency we have to generate electricity from as much sources as we can such as solar, wind and piezoelectric materials. 

What's the advantage?

Electricity generated from roads can be used to light up street lights nearby which otherwise needs electricity from very distant sources.Moreover, significant amount of electricity has been lost while travelling big distances.

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