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Industrial engineering projects

Industrial engineering projects
 What is Industrial engineering? 

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with the optimization of complex processes or systems. You can do various kinds of projects in this branch especially related to robotics. In this post, we will discuss some other projects done by previous students at various universities around the world.

Optimizing Solid Waste and Recyclable Material collection: This project not only helps us to save our planet but economically beneficial for the company.


Increase Recyclables

Improve User Experience: Make it easy for users to deposit waste material for recycling easily.

Read the Montana University Final report to get more information.

Industrial Mathematics Project for high school students

Customer Relationship: This project would help the company to retain its existing customers. This is need to be done when some company is upgrading its products and want their customer to purchase they're now upgraded their product instead of shifting to competitors. To implement it you need to find out how you can make customer up-gradation easier, economically beneficial and useful.

Improving Internal Logistics: Helps companies to reduce the time taken to handle logistics.

Improving Information Flow: Information is very vital in modern days and every company needs to make sure that information is flowing within their organization freely. Sometime, when the sales team is on the move, there should be some mechanism inside the company using which they can communicate to their head office as well as among themselves.

Inventory Management System: Most common but very useful. We have discussed this project in our computer projects section.

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