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Power generation using railway track

Power generation using railway track

The key element of  this project  is a variable capacitor, which can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of work done by an external force against the electric field formed between the two plates of the capacitor.
Concept :

We can generate electricity by pushing one plate of capacitor against another plate( which is also connected with small power source).Generated electricity is way more than electricity we supplied with the help of power source.

To produce good amount of electricity significantly we need to stimulate the variable capacitor using power from external source and discharging it at a later time in a cyclic manner to change the capacitance. 

How this system works with rails?

As explained before, by varying the distance between the capacitance portions in response to a vehicle on the rail, the capacitance plate moves against the energy field to act as a variable capacitor that make the co-generation of power with respect to the system.

Things we need :

1. Variable Capacitor
2. Power Source
3.Biasing Device : to keep two portions of capacitor separate.

Another Way ?

There is one  other way of generating electricity using trains is to use T Box wind power generator, which use the wind produce by trains to produce power.

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