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Car monitoring System

Car monitoring System
How many times you heard about car accident caused just because of tire burst or due to break fail?
Have you ever imagined that these accidents not only cause harm to car passengers but also to innocent people on the streets. Even though these accidents are random and can happen with anyone but they can be avoided with the help of modern engineering and technology.

What is the solution?

We can place Sensors throughout a car that wirelessly send data back to a central terminal.And whenever anything awkward happens, driver would be alarmed about that information and its sources through dashboard monitor.

Advantages :

Avoiding traffic accidents due to under-inflated tires by early recognition of the malfunction of tires
Reducing CO2 emission and reducing tire abrasion by an optimal inflation
Avoid Engine Maintenance Cost
Lesser Battery related Problems
Car Alignment and Balancing could be done at right time so increase tire life cycle.

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Car Monitoring System ppt : Presentation about how to use Zigbee technology to measure different components  (Tyre  Pressure, Temperature, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor or Car Battery Voltage) of a car and display the data on a main LCD screen.

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