As its name signify in itself, monorails are trains which runs on a single track. I thought of discussing with you because recently in Mumbai, India. Government decided to use it for public transportation. Though this technology is not new but I got excited to discuss the possibilities it brings when we think about elevated monorail. This is going to be very helpful because they will need less space and can be used at the middle of the road i.e divider.

If you consider monorail as one of your project, that the best thing is that you can power your engine using any source you would like to use. For example electric engine, diesel engine or solar powered dc motors etc. These trains are commercially used in Japan and they are very successful too. Moreover, technology adapted in maglev trains has also come from these trains. To build monorail project either elevated or on ground, you need to found how you can innovate it in such a way that it brings something new within your work. In my opinion, as a student, you will find ground trains are easier to build but I before jumping to any conclusion, I would like you to do lot of research and find each and every minute detail about how you can build this for yourself.  I have shared couple of links below and I hope you will find many of them useful.

As far as the student project is concerned, monorail has lot of potential as shown by the Students of Australia as they used monorail for their final year project. The best thing they did is to use other components with this train to make their project stand out from other student’s work.

Their train not only follow the line as line following robot  but it is smart enough to stop at various stations.

What is Propeller ?
What is Propeller monorail ?

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