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MCA Projects

PHP Projects :
Social Networks
Online or Offline Address Book 
Airline Reservation System 
Student Information system
Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
Photo Album

E-commerce is something about setting up your shop online.

You can sell anything on this shop so this base have lots of new ideas in itself  for example :

Online book store
Online furniture shop
Online retail shops and many more.

Online Shopping Project

Anything which can be sold online belongs to this category. And I hope you remember hundreds of items which can be sold online so we have 100 new project ideas now.

You can develop e-commerce projects in any web server understandable language such as ASP.NET, JSP, PHP.

In MCA colleges you can submit any downloaded e-commerce project by changing a few names and images. But for thorough understanding, I will recommend you to go through every detail of your minor or major project.
Download Open source E-commerce system (PHP and MYSQL)

Management Systems

Any software which manages things for us is the management system. There are a lot of project ideas we can generate using management system suffix :

Library Management System(LMS)
Hotel Management System(HMS)
Hospital Management System
Home Management System(HMS)
School Management System(SMS)
Shop Management System
Attendance management system
Personal Finance Management System

You name anything and we have MS available for that. You(beginners) will be surprised that web developers have CMS too. (C for Content ) .  

These projects can be developed in any computer language such as C, C++, Java, Asp, C#, VB (preferred language for these type of projects) 

Information Systems

Information system contains information about individuals in the organization.

Examples are :

Student information system 
Employee information system

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