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Moving Bridge

Moving Bridge

Movable Bridge is a bridge that moves upwards to allow smooth passage of ships and boats. Though physics of bridge itself a complex matter, but the movable bride is not a new concept. It has been around for centuries. Still learning about the science of bridges is a great learning experience. The bride uses all three Newton laws and you should know about some basics before we discuss any further.

In this post, we will discuss if we can use renewable energy sources in the movable bridge which requires a great amount of energy. At first, it looks like a gigantic task, but it is possible with some innovation and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pollution emissions, waste, and the use of non-renewable resources to sustainable levels. There are three major sources of energy which we can use at the site of a bridge:
1. A wave of Hydro Energy
2. Wind Energy
3. Solar Energy &
4. Bio Gas

After thinking for a which I came to the conclusion that biogas would be the most viable option for achieving our goal and we can take some help from other sources too.Though I am not sure whether the above solution works in real life or not but I am sure it deserves some experimentation in laboratories and can be used as your science fair or mechanical engineering demonstration project.

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