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The Potential for Vegetable-Oil-Based Fuels as a Substitute for Diesel

What is vegetable oil fuel?
The oil produced from Vegetable can also be used as a fuel with some modifications in the engine, to power diesel engines we use for our cars. Also, the mixture of this fuel with diesel has got very popular recently and called Bio Fuel.
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National Biodiesel Board
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Grease car Vegetable Fuel Systems

Utilization of Photobioreactor to Optimize the Growth Rate of Lipids in Microalgae for Use in Biofuels

What is photobioreactor?
Mass Scale Solar Production of Micro Algae

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Microalgal Photobioreactors: Scale-up and optimization
Microalgae cultivation

Fire Ants: Height to Nutrition

Determine the maximum height at which fire ants would come to get food. Set out different types of food and then measured the height that the fire ants came to get that food.

Imported Fire Ant Control Using Household Products

You can use several types of household products to determine which ones controlled fire ants the best. You can use products such as Epsom salt, PeptoBismol®, and oranges. You need to make a transect to determine the initial numbers of fire ants in a mound, then present the household product to the mound. Finally, count the remaining fire ants after exposure to the household product.

Maximizing the Power Output of a Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module Through the Use of Solar Concentrators

Making the Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Panel

Analysis of Noncrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using New Low-Cost Robotic D-SCOPE

Bioremediation of Greenhouse Gases with Algae.

Glass Harmonica by Ben Franklin

Science fair Projects
The science behind it has to do with frequency and vibrations. You could make your own glass harmonica of sorts by pouring water into a set of glasses. Align them to make a row. Fill each of them with different amounts of water (fill each with a little more water ). And then use a spoon and tap each of them in order. They should make a Do Rei Mi sound.
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University of California, San Diego Projects

12th Grade

Investigating Dinoflagellate Dormancy
Does Smell Affect Food Preferences for Mice?
Vitamin C: Future Steroids for Athletes
Of Mice and Memory. Does Ginkgo Biloba Improve Memory?

11th Grade 

Bacterial Resistance to Antibacterial Soaps
Adenylate Kinase Loss of Activity by Dilution

10th Grade

Stress Comparison: Which is Higher? Adults vs. Adolescents
What's Best For Baby? Frozen vs. Refrigerated Breast Milk
Spectrum Fishing 

8th Grade 

Hydro Growing: Which Nutrient is the Best for Plant Growth?
Thigmotropism: To Touch or Not to Touch?
8th grade Science fair Project Ideas

How to make or build an electroscope?

Download pdf's

Electroscope Video

7th Grade  

Will Salinity Affect the Growth of Toxic Algae?

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