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Glass Harmonica

What is Glass Harmonica?
It is a musical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. That was the time of colonial Era, and Benjamin used to travel to Europe often. During those travels, he attended many concerts and was excited to see how artists and musicians had been using musical instruments made up of glass.

He decided to build one of his own and succeded in 1761 when he completed his Glass Harmonica. Where he carefully designed the glass bowl to produce a different sound when touched by a Moistured finger.

These bowls were connected with each other using the rod in the center and do not touch each other.

When it loses its popularity?
This invention by Benjamin Franklin got very popular till the start of the 18th century but by the end of 1820, its popularity got faded away.

How can I use it for my science project?
But for students, who want to do something very exciting with musical instruments, you can build one for your science project with all the seven nodes. And during the presentation, you can play a beautiful song to impress everyone present.
What is glass Harmonica?
How Stuff Work's article about Glass Harmonica ( make wine glass sing)

Glass Armonica played by Vera Meyer(Video)

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