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Digital Audio Processing

Audio Processing can be done in two ways, one is analog and the other one is digital. The most preferential way now days is Digital Audio Processing because analog signals are a representation of data streams that are variable in time whereas digital stream is a representation of the same data in discrete points(samples). More samples we have more accurate our data is.
Why audio signal processing is so important?
In the past recording, your song requires a great amount of money, time and resources. With the development of simple filters and recording software life has become easy for young singers, who can now record their songs from their homes and process them with the help of filters and audio processing software available online. Using this technology, we can filter unwanted sounds and reduce the frequency to our comfort level.

How to do it?

Sound is made of different frequencies and to filter it first we need to separate these frequencies from one another. And this separation can be done using the Fourier Transform. Read More

Important things to know :

What is audio signal processing?

Digital Processing 

Digital audio processor

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