Mechanical engineering Project Ideas

Robotics would be a good choice for mech students because project based on robots are very new and innovative in comparison to others.Moreover, If your robot works as expected on final day, it will definitely make you win.

Though I  have written separate post about robotics but for a starting point I have given all the important links in this section. Using these links you can strengthen your basics before designing some complex machine.
Robot with one wheel
Solar Energy 
Solar energy is one of my favorite topics because though its working is easy to understand but ideas related to this topic are very useful for our future energy needs.

Concept : Generally they work on this concept:

Solar Energy --->Solar Panel---> Electricity--->Machine(Grinder, Juicer, Mobile Charger, Bag etc.) or Storage(Battery)
Solar Energy-->Heat-->Cooking, Boiling, Water Filter etc .

Important thing to consider in your assignment is that how you can improve its efficiency either for boiling purpose or for heating. For ex.  Recently discussed Spherical cell concentrate more sun light at one place and therefore generates more power similarly scientist have found out that nano solar cells are more flexible and more efficient than any other cell available.

Solar Compressor:
You can build something which gets its power from Sun Energy. For e.g., power your AC of a small room using compressor which get its power from solar panel.Such as Solar Powered Air Conditioner
In this example, it is a small room. Half ton capacity will be sufficient. You will need at least kWh/24 hours. This may require 10 to 12 square meter solar panel plus battery and inverter.
Books on Solar Energy (pdf): 
Hovercraft definition by wiki : click here
It would be awesome if you design a hover car using tools of your house.

How to Build my own Hovercraft?

Stirling Engine :
Stirling Engine Projects
Video's and Complete Explanation of Stirling Engine Project

Stirling Engine Mini RC Car: We had discussed both Stirling Engine and Remote control cars in two separate posts. In this post we will combine these two technologies.

Solar Powered Stirling Engine Generator:

Steam engines 
These engines are powered by steam and building them will help you to understand the concept and working of steam engines.Though steam engines are most ancient engines, but it is still one of the most widely used engine.Thermal power plants are one of such use.Nowadays, due to the problem of global warming, we should find a way to produce steam using renewable sources of energy.Couple of renewable steam engines, I discussed on this blog are Solar Powered steam engine and Solar Turbine Generator.

Homemade Steam Engine
Steam engine powered bicycle

Wind Energy:

Wind Mill Water Pump :
How to build wind mill pump?

Related links :
How to make model of Wind Mill?
Wind Mill Power Generation System
Wind turbine kites

Wind Powered Drip irrigation System
Wind Mill Pump

Remote Control Cars
Building Fast Remote Control Cars
RC Control Computer Cars

Related links :
Demolition RC Car
Hydrogen cell operated remote control car
Computer controlled car

Maglev Trains
Propeller Monorail
3D Solar Cells  : Very Effective Design of solar cell. Used to enhance the efficiency of Solar Cell Significantly.

Hydraulic Car Lift : This project deals with fluid and how we can use it to lift the car.
Power Generation using Footsteps : Piezoelectric techniques used to convert energy of our footsteps in electricity.
Stair climbing Hand Cart : Handcart which would help you carry heavy materials upstairs.
Car Monitoring System
Highway Wind Turbines : Simple demonstration of how to use wind turbines at the divider of the road to generate electricity.
Power generation using Railway Tracks : See how we can use Variable capacitor for generating electricity.This is latest project in the field of renewable energy.
Stirling Engine Mini RC Car
Nitro Cars  : Cars powered by methane and nitro methane.
Fruit Picking Robot : Do you think robot should work in the garden? If yes , then this project is for you!
Soccer Playing Mini robot : Do you like robots and soccer both then you would like this idea too.
Produce fuel using solar energy : Produce synthetic gas using CO2, oxygen and water.
Pedal Powered Water Filter: Filter water throughout the year ,day or noon using the simple concept of evaporation and condensation.
Pedal Powered Juicer Grinder
Light Weight Floating Wind Turbine This simple project demonstrate the power of floating turbines.
Bio gas Powered Water Heater 
Bicycle Powered Cell Phone Charger : Have you thought about charging your cell phone using your cycle. This idea would discuss about all that.
Steam engine powered Bicycle : Whenever we thought about steam engines, the first thought comes to our mind is train engine,but have you ever thought of steam engine powered by cycle?
Mechanical Sprayer : Spray pesticides using mechanical energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity.
Mechanical Creeper for Disable Person
Waste Management Machine
Water Powered Generator
Air Exchanger Ventilation System
Fuzzy logic approach for Traffic signals control of an isolated intersection( Project Report in PDF)
Synchromesh gear

Latest Projects:

Formula One Racing Car : Students of Amity University, Noida manufactured a car which can make anyone proud. It weights around 340 kg including driver and its top speed is 105km/hr.More Info

Protective Gloves: Another project which I have seen recently is electric gloves which can be used by girls for their protection. They are easy to wear and protect the wearer by giving electric shock.

More :
CAD Project Ideas & Catia Projects  (Design project for students)
Thermal Engineering Projects
HydroPower Project 
Aeronautical Projects 
Design and Development of Smoke flow Visualization system
Tricycle powered by pedal and electricity
Design and fabrication of Sub Marine
Car Locator Project
Generate Electricity from Dance Floor
Human Power Harvesting
Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System
Mini Bio Gas Fuel Turbine
Power generation using footsteps
mini homemade wood lathe machine
Perpetual Motion Machine 
Pedal powered refrigerator
Jaipur Foot
Automatic Car Parking 
Self Balancing Cycles and Unicycles
IE Engine Projects
Electronic Fuel Injection
Study of cooling Tower
Air Compressed Cars 
Air Bike 
Mini Scooter 
Hydrogen Powered Vehicle
Escalator Compatible Wheel Chair
Fuel Energizer
Thermal Engineering Projects
Automobile Projects 
RC Helicopter
Carbon Solar Cells
Autonomous aerial vehicle
Build Electric Two Wheeler Bike
Biogas Powered Vehicle
Non Conventional Energy Projects
Manual Pump
Kinematic Project
Bicycle Sprayer 

Solar Object Lifting Jack : It is motorized electronic lifting jack which is powered by solar energy.

Paddle powered mobile charger : It is based on dynamo chain concept.We have been using dynamo in bicycle from years. The best part about this project is, mobile charger kits are available at online stores. You can learn the whole concept by purchasing a kit online to disassemble it. 


gaurav said...

sir, i am a student of final year mechanical engg. so please suggest me some vibrant ideas for working projects in mechanical engineering.
kindly mail me at

patel said...

hi i m 4th B.E. mechanical student can u give me some project idea on latest topics......on my email id

CG said...

@nttin cad project ideas will be available from tommorow

@naveen kumar Solar project ideas are there on this site.

@nishant I will send you email soon...

@bala I will write post for your problem

@deepu There are lots of projects available here still I will add some more....

@patel Latest topics are related to CAD and you can read this post from tommorow.

@I will add latest papers on mechanical soon..

shivashankar said...

hi i m 4th B.E. mechanical student can u give me some project idea on latest topics......on my email id

CG said...

@Bala which type of papers you are talking about , if I am right this link will help you

@shivashankar I think you already received my mail :)

CG said...

@lakshman I will suggest you to do CAD Projects. Design is the most important and first step for any mechanical project. I am working on a post of CAD designs,but you can search for it on bing or google.

@rahul i will mail you as soon as possible...hope you understand :)

Nish said...

Sir,I am afinal year mechanical enggineering student.could u please some ideas for my final year project.It would be really nice if you could send me some topics based on thermal.Kindly mail at

CG said...

@Zain Ali @Nish @ Soham I hope you got the mail. I will mail you with more ideas soon.

@momd I am writing new post on mechanical engineering. I will publish it in few days.

Dhaval said...

am a student of final year mechanical engg. please suggest me some ideas for working projects in mechanical engineering. (mostly in Thermal)
i will wait for ur mail at -

NEHA said...


CG said...

@Dhaval @Ravi Ranjan @vinod @neha Hope you all get my reply.

Bhavin said...

sir i m a final year B.E Mechanical Engineering Student and i want some ideas about model of new projects sir plz send me my mail id is and sir i have 2 decide in 3 days so plz sir help me.swetajha

sandeep said...

hello sir .. this is sandeep from industrial production stream 3rd year..navigated trough ur site..found it helpful ..I am interested in doing robotics,CAD,thermal projects ..
could you please give me some ideas on these..for my MINI project..

Josiah said...

i need ideas to design a mechanical vibration absorber check vibration in a primary gyratory crusher of a mine. please forward all design information to my email at
thank you

CG said...

@ashis I send your mail with desired link and ideas. We are expanding this site with lot more ideas. Check back soon for finding some interesting and workable projects.

CG said...

@Vishal This post will help you in your project

CG said...

@dipak Presentations topics are at

@yutman Cad project ideas link is
and I will upload pump projects soon and inform you.

@trish I need some time to find out best content according to your needs but i promise you i will post it soon.

@krishna There are lots of project ideas available here. You can check physics portion too.If you want more than specify the topic.

I hope it helps!

Viral said...

HEllo Sir,
I m too a mechanical engg student.
i m working on to build an air powered bike but i stuck on tank.
i need to fill 300 times the air pressure into a tank to run it. but i cant find a suitable tank. gearing has been another difficulty. i hv got two air motors wid three pistons on it.
plz help me out on this.
if u cud provide me wid adresses wer i can ge help.
my id:

Amechgineer Dz said...

Dear Sir,

It is greately appreciated if you could drop me an email at at your convenience.

I have my passion in this field. There's are a number of great aero,mehcanical research + practical projects that I would like to get your advise with.
Many thanks in advance. Eager to hear from you.

Rohit said...

hey sir i wanted to do a project on windmill water pump ...
can you please give me some more info on that ...may be the windmill design and the transmission...

emer o'neill said...

Hello everybody,

I am a fifth year architectural student and I am looking for engineers to help me design production machinery required for a hemp farm. Basically I need an machine that does everything separates the seeds from the stalk, the fibre from the hurds. I would like the seeds then to be crushed and the oil produced to be bottled.

SO do you fancy a challenge, do you want to get involved if so then please email me at

thank you

Emer O'Neill

Ravi said...

Thanks for such an ossom work.
I m a final yr mechanical student and would like to have your kind suggestions on the projects based on the following governing sectors:
1.Automobiles/I.C engine
3.Production Sector
4..Non-Conventional Energy

I would be highly thankful 4 ur kind help.

nishu said...

hello sir.......
dis is nishu sinha a mechanical student. i am in my 3rd sem but i am really worried abut my project coming in future.. actually i attended a robotics workshop were they thought somthing about mobitronics & i was not happy at all. i just felt ki it was all for e&tc nothin for us or u can say it 10-20% work of mechanical. so i just wanted a project which major portion should belong to mechanical field..

Anonymous said...

Hi I am mech student ...pls send some project ...plz do mail it to me ..plz mail it to my email adress ..

abhinav said...

hiii Sir,
i m doing my graduation in mechanical field here in canada and now the only thing i m left with is project...i wnt something new or innovative which could help the industry over here. plz mail me some of your best ideas at
looking forward 4 ur reply

shreeram said...

shree ram,
hello sir,
im a final year mechanical engineering student...i need your help in project ideas related to energy regeneration...the idea should be cost effective as we don't have big budget...

shameem said...

Hi sir ,iam a mechanical engineering student. pls give me some ideas for my must be a new one or any modified one.Im particularly interested in fluid pls help me.

Anonymous said...

m a mech engg. diploma last year student....i have to submit a project
it ma college...want some innovative ideas for manu facturing a working project.......pls mail me at
m waiting sir pls send me some projects..............

vikaskatna said...

i want to know about any project on refrigeraation & air conditioning for my final year project...,which is innovative and also approchable in matter of cost...pls tell me sir , if there is any other list of innovative projects please let me know
thanxx sir :)

CG said...

@vikas you have not given your email id , I think this link will help you with your project

Guru said...

hi sir ! i`m vijay doing 3rd mech.. i`m interested in doing projects but not having ideas..pls suggest me some id is

but i`m having an idea of doing project in celing fan by utilising the rotational motion into electrical again..pls contact me soon ..

Anonymous said...

hI SIR I M KARTHIK HERE..I m currently doing mechanincal engineering 4th year i hve to do project related to mechanincal so can u suggest me some of the titles n sent to my email that ll be helpful for me to deside and my lecturer ask us to do either a simulation,design or case study so i hope u ll send the details to this email thank sir

CG said...

@Guru @ Karthik I hope you both got my mail.

vikaskatna said...

sorry sir,
its my email,
please suggest me some other innovative n usefull projects too...
n thanx for the link sir...

Deepak said...

Hello Sir, I am mechanical Final year student. I didn't go for any project before this. please suggest me some mechanical related project topic so that I can submit it on Tuesday.
Send your mail at or

CG said...

@Vikas its ok! @Deepak hope you both got your mails...

saurav said...

sir i ma a student of mechanical engg. 3rd year i want to make project on using compressed air to run the bike with the held of compresser....please give me ideas on this email id is

CG said...

@Saurav In your compressed air bike project , this link will help you .

CG said...

@Saurav In your compressed air bike project , this link will help you .

Darshan said...

hello sir , i'm in my 6th sem mechanical engineering branch. i haven't done any projects till now. please suggest some project topics to me......... my email id is

Raginpm said...

i am a mechanical engineering. now going to fourth year so i need good project idea. i except i would get it from you... i need some theoritical approch like in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics , thermal ,heat etc and also modelling. if u have good suggesion for me please mail to

sunit said...

hello to all...this is B.Tech 1 yr mech student,i need an idea for a project which i would be able to make using my basic knowledge... so plz mail me few ideas

barani said...

Hello sir,
I am srinivas,a final year mechanical student.please suggest a project that can completed 10-15 days and please send procedure to make a cvt system....
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zunair said...

hello every one
i am a student of mechanical engineering any new information please mail me at my id
all your comments are welcommed

Eminem said...

hello sir...this is B.Tech 1 yr mech student,i need an idea for a project which i would be able to make using my basic knowledge... so plz mail me few ideas""
plz send me some ideas.

harendra said...

hello !
sir i am a student of mechanical engineering 4th year..i want to do some project..plz give me some ideas..plz mail sum ideas on my

CG said...

@Zunair @Kiran @Harendra I hope you got your mails.....

cloud said...

Hi. I am studying mechanical engineering and i was doing the internship in the company that provides unit customised/small batch production. i need to design smth that can contribute to their processing.

Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

Hello sir i am student of pre final year and need new ideas of mini project in field of automobile. plz give me some ideas....... my email id is "" ....thanks......

Anonymous said...

Hi CG,i am Sunil currently in pre final year chemical engineering.i request you to throw some light on important topics within my domain.

My id:

waiting for your words..


Jagan said...

sir,iam 4th yr B.E.Mechanical student ,i need a project idea for doing a project which i would be able to make using my basic please mail me some idea to my

Anonymous said...

I am Ash. I am 3rd year mechanical student. I need some vibration projects relating ideas.
I hope you could help.
My Email id is

Biogger said...

i m student of final year mechanical engg.
please help me to suggest to make a project .
no any ideas comes in my mind like as innovation.
sir please give me ideas as invention.
my email id

Sachin Singla said...

This is Sachin Singla B.Tech Mechanical engg.(4th year) student.

please suggest me some projects for my final year minor project and major project.

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pratik said...

I am a poly final year mechanical engineering student please suggest me a project or any innovative ideas about project.
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arun said...

sir i am a 3rd year mechanical students and i want some ideas to start a new project which should be cost effective and should different id is

ashok said...

hi sir,
i m student of 2nd year in mechenical engineering branch.i wan't to make a cheap & cool project for my annual presentation plz do me a favour & send some ideas on my mail- .

CG said...

@Ashok @Nidhish hope you both got my mail. and Nidhish there is no need to write 6 comments in a row.Even though I publish few comments but I read each and every comment and always reply.

ketanoza said...

Respected sir,
My self is ketan oza and studying in final year of mechanical engineering.So please suggest me some ideas of project specially in powerplant or automobile engineerig.
My e-mail id is
Eagerly waiting for your reply.


Guruji said...

hello sir i can u plz help me by sujjesting me some gud n new project ideas related to DESIGN OF MACHINES.. pls sir mail me at

anil kallur said...

Hello friends/sir,
this is anil, i am final year BE mechanical student, i want to do the project on thermal regarding seperate the hydogen from water then used to run the is my dream project, can any help me on this,if anyone having idea on this or project details pls rush your ideas to this mail Id :

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sir for good bloging..
I am Gaurav and I am In 3rd year of B.E.(Mechanical).
Can u tell me what is the best projects and best website to learn more useful things about my study and Exams.And can u tell me the best way after B.E.?(my interest in design).Give answer on my mail

Thanking You Sir. for Your Great Work.

Anuradha said...

hello sir,
this is Anuradha, final year mechanical engineering student.I am in a group with 3 more girls and my faculty shows an attitude as if we are not capable enough to do the project.So in order to prove them wrong i really want to make a quality project and i request you to suggest me some projects.My email id

The dreamer said...

Thanks a lot sir.....

Thank you for your ideas.....

Actually I was thinking about one of the ideas you told.... Seawater desalination plant using hydraulic pressurizer at one end and solar/wind power suction unit at the other end..... using reverse osmosis technique...... How about the feasibility of the idea?
Is it possible to create such a huge amount of reverse osmotic pressure from such sources, since I read that reverse osmosis and the desalination plant requires huge pressure....

Any way thanks again for the ideas and thanks for replying fast

mounika said...

Hello Sir,

Thank you so much for your previous answer. The project might be in anything. I want to do something which cant be repeated/copied, which is interesting and useful. Even it is a small one, i should design everything in it. For example, improving the design of a wheel chair to climb steps for handicapped or designing and manufacturing a mechanical calculator. And, I also want to know if there are any challenges faced by mechanical engineers these days.
I want to make sure my project shouldn't be of optimisation or about some software. I want to use my brain. Finally, it should be a purely mechanical one.

Eagerly waiting for your answer!

Nirav said...

hello sir..

i'm a 7th mechanical student...i have to make a project or we can say that a solution of the problem as a project...

my field of interest is I.C.Engine and Automobile....

i would be greatful to you if u can suggest a good projects regarding with ic engine or automobile...which is practically possible to implement..

my email id is

Anonymous said...

sir i am final yr mechanical engg. student.I want to do project related to
please mail me

Anonymous said...

hello ...
Thnk u CG for helping out all of us..
i m a third year mech engg student..
i wanted some ideas fr my minir and major project related to robotics, renewable energy or some interesting gadget..
my email id is
thnx in advance

raj said...

hai this is raj studying third year mechanical engg in anna tech at Arni. could u please any ideas for better projects liked in thermal or manufacture...

CG said...

raj...thanks for your comment, I have already discussed about thermal project at my post
.For manufacturing projects I am going to write one post soon.

Zuhri said...

hi there i will be continuing my second year in level 3 advance diploma engineering and i came up with couple of ideas. one was wind turbines fitted on to electric cars and i suppose it is a bit too ambitious for the course im doing, can you help me how i can use that concept to make a simpler project. And im quite fascinated on kinetic watches? do you have any other interesting mechanism as such? do email back ZUHRI,and thanks

viswakanth said...

hi sir ,
This is Vishal I am studying 2 nd year B-tech In one of IIIT. sir I have one small project.i know the basic information on that project only, please sir send me sufficient and good ideas on that project.
sir my project is :By using water as a fuel for Motors .

CG said...

@viswakanth.....Salt water can be used as alternate fuel because as Kanzius (inventor) claimed under the right conditions, salt water can burn at high temperatures.Read more about his story at
For more details you need to give me your mail id.

Anonymous said...

Im a currently a 4th year Mechanical Engineering technology student and I am looking for a sr. Design Project.

thanks email me at

vaibhav said...

i am a 4th semester mechanical student from Delhi College Of Engineering.I am looking for some new ideas or latest topics in the thermal engineering or hydraulics field. pls tell me about some latest ideas based on which i can pick up my project.
thanx in advance

vaibhav jain

yamuna said...

i am yamuna from mechanical 3rd year in hyderabad.i want project which is used for both mini and main.
plz send project to my mail.mail id is
thank you sir
in advance

abhijit panigrahi said...

dear sir
i m a mechanical student and requesting to suggest some new and best ideas in details which i badly need and the topic should be simple which i could understand and will can explain to plz plz help me and send it to my domain
waiting for ur response

Anonymous said...

iam vivek final year mechanical engineering student from kerala. i wish to do a project on CFD. can u please give me some ideas ?
my email id is

Aj Deshmukh said...

hello sir , i'm in my 6th sem mechanical engineering branch. i haven't done any projects till now. please suggest some project topics to me......... my email id is

Prabhjot Singh said...

I am Prabhjot Singh studying in 3rd year Mechanical Engg. Kindly guide me with some ideas, I need to make a project for a National level competetion. kindly mail me your project ideas and books(pdf files or links) related to those projects at


Anonymous said...

I am ajay.i am study in 4th year mechanical branch .i want to make a engine in which water is use as a fuel so plz give me some ideas how it is possible . My email id is

jaison jacob said...

sir i am jaison tom jacob i am doing final year mechanical engineering i want your advice doing industrial project so plz give advice to me any topic to me my mail id is

sunil h.n said...

Hi I'm 3rd year mechanical engg student, I want to do a mini project, so plz send me ideas to my email add.

sunil h.n said...

Sir I'm 3rd year mechanical engg student, I want to do a mini project this year, so send me some ideas to email add.

Aun Mohammad said...

sir i am final year of mech DAE student , i want do mini & other diffrent projects . plz send me some ideas to my email ::

cg said...

If you have interest in robotics, I recently posted maze solving robot project. I hope you would like!

shibam said...

buddy m in 3rd yr.
suggest me some project ideas

Mganga Joseph said...

Hello Sir,

i am a fourth year majoring in Bsc. Mechanical engineering and kindly need project ideas in production tech for my final year, since i have to write my proposal this semester...plz. send me some ideas to my email

Gurdev Singh said...

hello sir

I am student of final year of btech mechanichal engg.
please suggest me about Fuel Efficient project

raj said...

Sir i am a final year student of dem pls suggest me so me idea...this is my email

Rammohan said...

Sir,I'm Ram Mohan ,&Diploma in mechanical engineering final year I want to do a project work on eaither robitics and CAD/CAM,If have any alternative ideas for build a robts parts economically,let's send me sir like "",I'm waiting for ur reply....

Khairul said...

Hello sir,
I am student a final student in Mec.Engineering
Can you suggest me some project ideas



Tamil Kathir said...

Hi Hello,
I'm Tamil Kathir i need some projects related to Thermal and hydraulic,pneumatic systems please help me

Anonymous said...

I am student a final year in Mech. Engineering
I have to submit a major project so please give me some ideas on my mail id

Ronit Pandya said...

Hello sir I am ronit currently in 3Rd year mechanical e.g.. I am too much interested in robotics.. I have made a robot for war in an national college event and got 2ND rank ... My problem is how to optimize my capabilities and interest in robotics to a project work? Which type of project related to robotics I can make? Suggest me on

areen feq said...

i m student of final year mechanical engg.
please help me to suggest to make a project .
no any ideas comes in my mind like as innovation.
sir please give me ideas as invention.
my email id
i hope, u will reply to me.. thank u....

Sharath Ram said...

Hello Sir,
I am in Third year. Please suggest me a project in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Sharath Ram said...

Hello Sir,
I am in Third Year. Please suggest some projects in the field of Industrial Engineering

Sandeep Chaudhary said...

Wonderful list of so many feasible project ideas. Yhank you admin. I will refer my group members to your site for selecting our final year project.

matthew k said...

hey man im on my 4th year of my engineering course and i was wondering if you had any ideas for a project that would incorporate and engine in to it email me at thanks

Rathish Ravi said...

Hi sir this is rathish from coimbatore doin my Mechanical Engineering final year.
can you please suggest some good projects in my field.i'm also interested in lean mfg.
so any projects regarding lean mfg will also be helpful to me sir.
pls do reply mail id is..

Paresh Lakhtariya said...

sir, iam mech.Engg. final year student please give me some thermal related latest project idea mail id is

krishna kumar said...

i am a 3rd mech.engg student.please give some suggestions for my fabrication reply my id you!

ADIL MALIK said...

I'm a 1st yr BE mech student,, I'm very much intrested in doing projects &help me to get some ideas abt some basic projects, so plz help me out to find a good project id is adilmalik474@gmail

CG said...

Dear Adil, as you are only in your first year, why don't you start from Solar Cooker or Solar Powered Mobile Charger.Details of these projects are available on this blog.

Rohit Head said...

iam n rohit student of 2nd year btech in mechanical engineering..
i want to do a project wherein i can learn something and should be useful to the people...
can u suggest me something
email me at

saipad sahoo said...

hai sir i am final year..mech every one tells like dis only...i dont knw they realy want or not but its very urgent to me and necessary to me...a creative project...can u give me a good ideas...plzzz..nd give more prefernce to cad/cam side because i knw 5 plz help me

Huzaifa Ashfaq said...

Sir,I am a final year mechanical enggineering student.could u please some ideas for my final year project.It would be really nice if you could send me some topics based on robotic.Kindly mail at

CG said...

@Huzaifa I have written great post ( about robotics projects on this blog. I hope that would help you.

vikas patel said...

I am mechanical engineering student. Please give me suggestions about new ideas for make a final year project.
tv071993@gmail. Com

ramu rayala said...

sir i'm ramu ,4th year mechanical student,i need your help because ple give me the suggestion for good project.

alen said...

i am 2nd year b-tech mechanical student. i would like to do something for that i want some new ideas and also their supporting factors.could u please help me .
kindly mail me @

S@nk@lp said...

i am mechanical engineering 6th sem
i need to do a thermal project this semester.those solar refrigerators, coolers have been done by many. i needed something different and unique. so i request you to please help me out and give an idea.
thank you

S@nk@lp said...

i am doing mechanical engineering
i need to do a thermal mini-project this semester. i am not getting any idea. those solar refrigerators, coolers have been done by many. i needed something different and unique. so i request you to please help me out and give an idea.
to my email id -
thank you

vignesh tn said...

Sir, Am a mechanical student and I need an agricultural projects based on mechanical engg.

CG said...

@vignesh You can check this page for agriculture projects

Bhavesh Chitroda said...

sir i m bhavesh
btech final year in mechanical branch i want to make major project in thermal engg. so plz give me a best idea to make dis project
and one more thing actually i have complete project in 1 week so sir give me those type of project which make in under 1 week snd me in this email id

thank u

Rajnish S Rana said...

hi sir, i'm a student of final year. i'm want some innovative sir please suggest me some innovative project idea's. my email id is

Misfi said...

sir, i am a student of final year diploma mechanical engg. so please suggest me some Projects ideas for mechanical engineering.
kindly mail me at

Jay Joshi said...

This is Our Project work..
mail me if you need ideas about production engineering... will help you ...

Vatsal Vaghela said...

sir, i am a student of final year mechanical engg. so please suggest me some ideas for final year project.
Email :

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am a 2nd mechanical engg student...can you please give me any ideas in doing some project which is based on some machines...and alo some ideas for paper

CG said...

@mvuday... I would suggest you to consider maze solving robot( one of your mechanical projects.

MH said...

I am a polytechnic final year mechanical engineering student, can u please suggest me a mechanical project or any innovative ideas about project that is require low cost to make it.
kindly mail me at

Vel Murugan said...

my good name is velmurugan, iam studied at final year mechanical student.i would like to ask a give some mechanical project ideas.please kindly to inform my email

Sarang Deshmukh said...

sir I'm doing project on pneumatic vacuum elevator. So for air tight seal what should I use?
My outside container is of square shape and it is made of acrylic

parminder singh said...

Sir can you suggest me some new ideas related to mechanical engineering my college is asking to make prototype and do testing, evaluation, can you please get me some new ideas which is not on the Internet

mark jiemel said...

sir can you suggest some ideas for HVAC industry. im a 5th year mechanical engineering student and my group is stuck because our professor reject every idea we come up with. my email is

Anonymous said...

Hello sir I'm doing my diploma in mechanical engineering I'm in final year please suggest me ideas related to mechanical engineering. Please email me your ideas @
Appreciate your ideas. Thanks for reading!

Haad ahmad said...

Hello sir
I am a student of mechanical engg (4th semester).I want to work on projects and also looking for project but failed because don't have proper idea so please help me so that I also can work on project . any idea or instructions please my id
Waiting for your mail

nikko mercado said...

Sir, i am a fourth year mechanical engineering student. Can you please give me some ideas for my project study or any innovative ideas that requires low cost to make it. Thank you. Please email me at

Afroz khan said...

My self afroz Khan please send me any new idea for my project it's urgent send to my mail

Unknown said...

Hello sir , I'm PRATIK MANE .. right now I'm in third year mech and I want idea for very good project so that I can start to work from now itself .. I want to do project on robotics / automation or any creative idea .. please help me , I'm very passionate about it .. my email is ... Thank you

mani deep said...

Sir iam mechanical engineering 4th year please suggest me any idea About the project to mail

Anonymous said...

Sir I am a third year mechanical engineering student. Please suggest me some ideas related to thermal and Ic engine. my email id is

srinivas sunkara said...

sir,I am in 4 th year mechanical engineering,I want some projects on designing and robotics email id

Chudhary waseem asghar said...

sir, i am in 4 th year mechanical engineering ,i want some project ideas on thermal and ic engine and automation system my email id

CG said...

@Waseem thanks for your comment. For thermal and Ic engine, we have already written dedicated article. But you can look for projects related to reducing the heat wastage, alternative fuels or increasing efficiency of the engine.

@Srinivas in Robotics, the project most excite me is hexacopter, if you can do some artificial intelligence stuff with this, that would be one of the most interesting project.