In developing countries where people can’t afford artificial legs,Jaipur foot is just like a miracle. I hope you have heard about Jaipur Foot.If not you can read about it here.The Jaipur Leg is a rubber-based prosthetic leg for people with below-knee amputations, produced under the guidance of Dr. P. K . Sethi by Masterji Ram Chander in 1969.The Jaipur Foot is an easy to manufacture prosthetic foot that gives patients the ability to do many things that they could do with an actual foot (running, climbing, etc). It has been extraordinary achievement for country like India where more than 30 Percent of population still earns less than 1 dollar a day.It costs around $45 and more than 17000 get this leg every year.

Our Objective:

Though NGO who build Jaipur foot is doing extraordinary research work to improve Jaipur foot but still their is large scope for improvement.

Number of things on which we can work on:

1. It Lacks Toe Support
2. It is heavy(Around 800 g)
3. Material used is not long lasting.

This project idea is for mechanical engineering students.Moreover, many researchers around the world has been already working on it since many years. I will discuss some projects related to it with you:

1. SHAPE and ROLL: COSMETIC SHELL (By Parhys L. Napier and Nicholas Torgerson) :This project objective was to create cosmetic cover to coat the Shape & Roll prosthetic foot
2. History of Jaipur foot
3.Accessing the impact of Jaipur foot organization in India

Project Video:

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