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Study of Cooling Tower

Study of Cooling Tower
Cooling towers are heat removal devices that are used to transfer heat from cooling water to the atmosphere.

What does a cooling tower do?

1)They promote efficient water uses
2)Prevents environmental damages

How a cooling tower works? 
They work in two ways, first using the evaporation of water or by using the conventional method of the heat exchanger. The video given below has more explanation about it.

Increasing Cooling Tower Water Efficiency: By increasing the water efficiency of the tower, we can save tons of gallons of precious fresh water.

CFD Prediction of Cooling Tower Drift: The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) program predicts plume rise, surface concentrations, plume center-line concentrations, and surface drift deposition within the bounds of field experimental accuracy.

Cooling Tower Analysis: Analysis by a team about the performance of four cooling towers and cooling done by them.

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