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Study of Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are heat removal devices which are used to transfer heat from cooling water to the atmosphere.

What does a cooling tower do?

1)They promote efficient water uses
2)Prevents environmental damages

Animation shown at the University of Michigan website will help you to understand more about hyperbolic stack-natural draft cooling towers.

How a cooling tower works? 
They work in two ways, first using evaporation of water or by using conventional method of heat ex-changer.Video given below has more explanation about it.


Increasing Cooling Tower Water Efficiency :By increasing water efficiency of tower, we can save tons of gallons of precious fresh water.

CFD Prediction of Cooling Tower Drift :The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) program predicts plume rise, surface concentrations, plume center-line concentrations and surface drift deposition within the bounds of field experimental accuracy.

Cooling Tower Analysis : Analysis by a team about the performance of four cooling towers and cooling done by them.

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