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Bicycle powered Cell phone charger

Bicycle powered Cell phone charger
 Mobile Phone has become a very effective tool in modern world mode of communication. Even in Developing countries like Kenya (as shown in the video below) it is easily accessible (thanks to china's cheap manufacturing) and Airtel (cheap phone calls) mobile is within the reach of poor, but the problem is how to charge a phone without a supply of electricity. In Kenya and other developing countries in Africa, charging a phone is a big challenge because electricity is still a distant future for them.

 People need to travel long distances from their homes to get their phones charged from paid kiosks. To solve this problem,  mechanical engineering students of Kenya have taken an initiative to make a pedal-powered charger which generates enough electricity to charge basic mobile device.


1. Bicycle dynamo with a good quality clamp to hold it

2. A voltage regulator consists of a rectifier to convert the up and down un-steady AC to a DC, a capacitor to level out the DC voltage and produce a steady inflow voltage to the voltage regulator and then the voltage regulator which allows only a steady 5 volts going into the cell phone. It helps us to allow the right amount of voltage for cell phones (5 V and 0.008 A), with a metallic casing to protect it from harsh weather.

3. A cell phone case with Velcro straps to hold it to the bike frame or handlebars.

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