In mechanical engineering kinematics is a study of how object move.This object can be a car, a ball or a robot.

Solar Insect Robots: You can build a insect robot powered by solar as your project. It will help you to understand the concepts of both Robotics and Solar power.

What is Hexapod(robotics) ?
Robots having 6(Hexa) Legs.

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Why Insect Robots ?

Stair Climbing Robots : Modern day robot needs to do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances. In a fire fighting time, there is time when it needs to climb stairs on its own , not only climb but find out when to climb and when to move forward.

To achieve that ,we need to design our robot in such a way that it can move forward as well as climb stairs easily. To achieve that , engineers use various techniques similar to innovative wheel design as shown in video.

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Fruit Picking Robot: It would not only work as a fruit picker but smart enough to pick only those fruits which are ripen enough.

Nitro Powered Mini RC Car

Kinematics Project Video

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Eggs on the Head