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Electronic Fuel Injection system

Emission from the engine has been considered as the vital source of air pollution, as a result, governments of various countries start to demand for a strict emission standard from Automobile companies. To achieve emission targets, companies need to optimize engine designs. As Fuel injection is an important step in the engine, it's too needs to improve.

In this post, we will discuss how the fuel injection system works, why it is required and how we can improve its working to make our engine fuel efficient?

Fuel injection is a system of admitting fuel into an internal combustion engine. It is a part of the engine since automobiles came into existence, though it is often used in Diesel or Gasoline engines only. Before the ignition system, the carburetor was used for fuel injection, where suction created by intake air accelerated through a Venturi tube to draw the fuel into the air stream.
Electronic Fuel Injection system

So, how fuel injection is different from carburetor system?
In this system, fuel is forced into the combustion chamber using the atomizer nozzle at high pressure. It improves the performance of the engine considerably both in efficiency and performance.

Why Electronic fuel injection required?
In this system computers are used to calculate the amount of fuel requires by the engine at any given time. It is a precise, reliable and cost-effective system. It provides an A/F ratio for all speed, load, and temperature ranges.

Electronic Fuel Injection:
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Unknown said...

Hello, My name is Nilesh. I saw your video of Electronic Fuel Injector.
I like it very much. Is Electronic Fuel Injector give more efficiency than a Carburettor..?
And can we use this Electronic Fuel Injector in Bike also...?

CG said...

@nilesh Yes Electronic fuel inject is more efficient than carburettor, the simple reason for this is its more control over air to fuel ration enter into the cylinders. The main advantage of electronic fuel injectors are their efficiency and lesser emissions while carburettors are not only cheaper but easy to install.

For your other question, yes fuel injectors are used very common in bikes nowadays. There are three reasons why EFI is more popular with companies:

1. Air to Fuel ratio is very important for the engine, and setting it to the precise level (12 to 14.7 parts air / 1 part of fuel) is very difficult in carburettor(we need to do it mechanically) in comparison to EFI

2. As carborettor is not sealed pack device, fuel gets evaporated even when engine is not working.

3. Though carburettor provides more power(still used in motor sports), EFI is both fuel efficient and reliable.

I hope that helps!