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CAD Projects

Computer-Aided Designs( CAD) Ideas :

What is CAD?

Planning a Dinning Room for a Restaurant


Learn how to make a laser lamp

Bicycle Frame 

Design of Bottling line mechanism (PDF around 4 MB)

Pendulum :

Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt

Newton's Cradle

Car Jack

Capstone design project

Endoscopic surgical equipment
Endoscopic surgical equipment


Tree House

Modeling a transformer (not an electrical device, but the robots from the movies.)

Orbital Transmission System:

Related Video:

Design and Optimize Wheel Chair Using CAD (PDF File Approx 678 KB)

Princeton University CAD Projects

Design UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle )


Kishwaukee College Projects such as Cardboard Chair Project, Belt-Balancer Project, Kish Fountain Project and Wind Turbine blades.

Cargo Lift for Trucks, Trailers, and Tractors

Fabrication of Drill Jig (Plate Type)
Fabrication of Drill Jig
What is Drill Jig?

Related pdf :

Fixtures for Small Drawer Pull Assembly
Upper Control Arm Drill Jig

Ansys Projects
Ansys Projects

ANSYS Multiphysics/Structure mechanics module. This code is based on the Finite element method and is capable of performing static (stress) analysis, thermal analysis, modal analysis, frequency response analysis, transient simulation and also coupled field analysis.

Projects based on this topic is for Mechanical, Physics, and Electronics engineering students. I am giving a few ideas based on this software. Moreover, you can analyze any machine using this tool.

Project ideas :

Using ANSYS Workbench for Thermal Behavior of an Electrical Wire

Design, optimization and simulation on microelectromagnetic pump

Finite element analysis for the semi-solid state forming of aluminum alloy considering induction heating

Transient Thermal Analysis of a Pipe Support Bracket

Beam Bending 

Axisymmetric Analysis of a Pressure Vessel

Related Presentation :

Stress Analysis using Ansys

Related PDF :

Creating and Resuming Projects

Catia Projects


murali said...

hello sir this is murali i am doing my 3 year btech in mechanical i need a suggestion for topic selection regarding cad.. i already worked for a research organization as a junior cad engineer so i wanna do project from cad so that it may be helpful for me.. so please suggest me which project should i choose it i need it to be competitive..

my mail id is
i hope i will be getting your support...

thank u sir..

Unknown said...

hi...i m kuldeep..doin my m.tec in product design,which is almost similar 2 machine design(mechanical)
can u suggest any project idea in the design field

Anonymous said...

hi sir,,i'm doing MTECH in CAD,,,,suggest some project ideas in PRO E related to biomechanics

Anonymous said...

hi sir
namra here
i am a student of electrical engg ( 3rd semester )
pleases suggest me an idea for my final project !
my id is

Unknown said...

I FINISHED MY pro-e and auto cad sir

Anonymous said...

sir i am darshan patel from gujarat india

i am in final year student
ple help me in project

Anonymous said...

Resp Sir,
I am Rakesh, doing my M.Tech in Computer Aided Design. Can u Plz suggest me some topics for final year project in CAD. I am good at software like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, UNIGRAPHICS, ANSYS. U can mail me at
Thanking You.

Unknown said...

hello sir can u please suggest us a simple project(our lecture told us to keep it tat way).That can be designed on NX6(siemens). please reply me at at earliest

Unknown said...

hello sir can you suggest us a simple project that can be designed on nx6.please reply us at earliest

vivek said...

sir i am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student and i want to do a mini project in PRO-E pls can u help me by suggesting a few ideas

vivek said...

sir i am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student and i want to do a mini project in PRO-E pls can u help me by suggesting a few ideas

rajesh korra said...

hi i'm rajesh korra.. i'm doing aeronautical engineering... please suggest some ideas for my mini and main projects.... my id is

Vinayak said...

hello.... i am 4th year B.E mechanical engineering student i wanted to know weather the spiral spring could release the energy with the torque of 2 Newton meter???

please reply...
email id ""

shobhit said...

hi sir i am a student of final year mechanical i want to make some project please suggest me some of them...
my mail id is:

Anonymous said...

hi i m sameer in my fnal year of mechanical engg please suggest some ideas for my main projects.... my id is

CG said...

@vinayak......yes it can.this site would help you to calculate spring force

arun said...

sir i am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student and i want to do a mini project in PRO-E pls can u give few ideas .my Email id

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir i'm a 3rd year mechanical engineering student, please suggest a simple final project for me. i promise i'll make you proud.

my email:

Anonymous said...

hi sir i am ramya doing 3rd year aeronautical engg in coimbatore.I knew catia,pro-e,ansys,auto cad.please suggest me mini project in catia or pro-e or ansys my mail id is plzz sir

v.n.v.prasanth said...

hello sir,
this is prasanth persuing mechanical final year in govt. polytechnic visakhapatnam. sir please suggest me any project based on autocad.please sent me before march 20th mail id is

sowmiya tamilarasan said...

hello sir,
this is sowmiya doing my 3rd year UG in electricals. i need ur suggestions in selecting an innovative mini project and my final year project. Do help me please,
My Mail Id:

nikhil said...

sir im 3rd year UG mechanical student . please give me the information about kinematic e-mail

saifynaz said...

GOO AFTERNOON SIR ,I am 6th sem mechanical engineering student plz suggest me some major projects which i can make in CAD SOFTWARE. Please send me by tomorrow my email id is

vijay said...

hello sir,

i am studying final year,i am planning to do some projects on CAE related. please guide me with some idea about which kind of project i can do..........
Thanks in advance

my contact email ID is

priya said...

Hello sir, i am priyanka completed my 3rd, can u suggest the main project in final year.
my mail id

mehulsway said...

hello, sir .
i m a mechanical engineering student in last year of ..
so now its a project time..
can you suggest me a innovative and mini projects about purification system..

waiting for your reply,,

my email id is

Unknown said...

hiii sir, this is suvin kumar, dng my master's of specialization in Advance design and manufacturing . i wand to do design and analysis on Hyermesh software.please suggest me a project Idea.

My mail ID:

Unknown said...

Hi sir , I m third year student and want to make a final year project on catia or solidwork or ansys so plz suggest me good project knowledge that can help me in future....