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Basic but useful projects for kids, which help them to learn important concept of science.

Disaster management System

Disasters are not new for us, they exists from ancient times but with great rise of them from last decade (Katrina & Sandy) we need to find ways to tackle them more effectively.

Homemade Steam Engine

Introduction :

A Steam Engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.The first practical steam-powered 'engine' was a water pump, developed in 1698 by Thomas Savery. It used a vacuum to raise water from below, then used steam pressure to raise it higher. Small engines were effective though larger models were problematic.

how to build a radio ?

Before building your own radio , you need to know about topics given below. If you already know about them then skip that part and move directly towards the link of building radio.

What is radio?

History of Radio according to wiki

How radio works?

What is the difference between AM Radio and FM Radio?

How to build a radio?

1.Science Toys

2.Pdf files for making a Radio ( Download : Right click and save target as or save link as ) :

Boys life workshop Build a radio

Make your own Crystal Radio

Videos :

Learn to make FoxHole Radio

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Science fair Project Ideas

Award Winning Project Ideas
The Potential for Vegetable-Oil-Based Fuels as a Substitute for Diesel

What is vegetable oil fuel?

Helpful links :

National Bio diesel Board
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Grease car Vegetable Fuel Systems
Cape Cod Grease Fuel Collaborative

Utilization of Photobioreactor to Optimize the Growth Rate of Lipids in Micro algae for Use in Bio fuels

What is photobioreactor?
Mass Scale Solar Production of Micro Algae

Related PDF :

Micro algal Photobioreactors : Scale up and optimization
Microalagae cultivation

Fire Ants : Height to Nutrition

Determine the maximum height at which fire ants would come to get food.Set out different types of food and then measured the height that the fire ants came to get that food.

Imported Fire Ant Control Using Household Products

You can use several types of household products to determine which ones controlled fire ants the best. You can use products such as epsom salt, PeptoBismol®, and oranges. You need to made a transect to determine the initial numbers of fire ants in a mound, then present the household product to the mound. Finally, count the remaining fire ants after exposure to the household product.

Maximizing the Power Output of a Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module Through the Use of Solar Concentrators

Making the Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Panel

Analysis of Noncrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using New Low-Cost Robotic D-SCOPE

Bio remediation of Greenhouse Gases with Algae.

Glass Harmonica by Ben Franklin

The science behind it has to do with frequency and vibrations. You could make your own glass harmonica of a sorts by pouring water into a set of glasses. Align them to make a row. Fill each of them with different amounts of water (fill each with a little more water ). And then use a spoon and tap each of them in order. They should make a Do Rei Mi sound.
Related links about this project:
What wiki says about Glass Harmonica
Benjamin Franklin and His Glass Armonica
History of Armonica
Click to know more about this project

University of California , San Diego Projects

12th Grade

Investigating Dinoflagellate Dormancy
Does Smell Affect Food Preferences for Mice?
Vitamin C: Future Steroids for Athletes
Of Mice and Memory. Does Ginkgo Biloba Improve Memory?

11th Grade 

Bacterial Resistance to Antibacterial Soaps
Adenylate Kinase Loss of Activity by Dilution

10th Grade

Stress Comparison: Which is Higher? Adults vs. Adolescents
What's Best For Baby? Frozen vs. Refrigerated Breast Milk
Spectrum Fishing 

8th Grade 

Hydro Growing: Which Nutrient is the Best for Plant Growth?
Thigmotropism: To Touch or Not to Touch?
8th grade Science fair Project Ideas

How to make or build electroscope?

Download pdf's

Electroscope Video

7th Grade  

Will Salinity Affect the Growth of Toxic Algae?
More Ideas :

List of ideas from Chicago academy of Sciences

Neuroscience for kids - science fair

Science fair projects a resource for students and teachers

Good site on science fair project ideas

      How to build rocket?

      Air rockets are those which use power of compressed air (pumped using bicycle pump) for their launching.They are different from conventional rockets which gets supply of thrust force in large part of its flight,instead thrust of a air rocket is completely expended in the first instance of flight.They use initial push from compressed air all in once and can fly about 200 to 300 feet.They are simple to build.  To get more information about them and their working you should visit Nasa's Webpage about air rockets.

      Building a Compressed Air Rocket Video
      Download now: MPEG

      Video of the Air Rocket in Action!
      Download now: MPEG

      Related Books (pdf)
      Newton laws as they applied to rockets
      Rocket is a missile that obtain from a thrust engine.It is based on Newton's third law of motion which states that every action has equal and opposite reaction.This thrust can be achieved by various ways but one of the most common technique is compressed air. We have already discussed about it in our Air Rocket Post.

      Rocket Science from Nasa

      Build a bubble powered rocket

      Related books :

      Build a Bubble powered rocket

      Build an air powered bottle rocket

      How to build soda bottle rocket launcher

      Video showing steps of Building rocket

      VB Projects

      Ideas about some basic VB Projects.VB has great user interface and you can build complex applications such as Calculator within a hour. This makes it very popular among programmers and with the power of Database such as MS Access it is use widely for small businesses till today. To learn this language you can learn VB at Microsoft Official Resources of VB.

      1. Web loan Calculator
      2. Hotel Management System
      3. Student Information System ( on demand from user through email)

      How to build a Catapult?

      Catapult is a device used to throw an object over a long distance.It has been used since ancient times, it has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare.It was designed to break or circumvent city walls and other fortifications in siege warfare.

      Cost: Around $ 10


      We should build it in such a way that, it hits it target with accuracy with bare minimum cost.

      Things to consider:

      Trigger Mechanism

      In my opinion, for holder you can choose hole which is smaller than the ball which you are going to throw out.Base should be as large as possible because we need maximum friction below the base and for trigger you can choose any elastic tube, I have read somewhere about medical tubing which is good too.


      As shown above catapult would be build using plywood.Two similar shape plywood will work as an arm and would give support to it. H Shape shown above is used as holder stopper.

      Useful Links:

      How Catapult works?

      Catapult Project by Students

      Build your own catapult using PVC Pipes

      Hubpages article on building a small Catapult

      Related Video :

      Build your catapult

      Php Projects

      Ideas for php Projects :

      To run or develop all the projects given below you will need php server and database installation.If you don't  know how to install them(Apache , PHP, Mysql) manually you can use installation provided by WAMP (Windows) , Xampp ( Windows and Linux).

      Movie Rental Systems

      Download open source video rental project called cutelibrary

      Build auction site or site that interact with online users.
      Online example is

      Download PHP and Mysql simple auction script

      Online Auction System

      Online Hospital Management


      Maintaining for WebStats such as


      Online Shopping

      Download links of online shopping are in comment section


      Download Scrapbook

      Photo gallery

      Online Photo gallery System
      Photo Album

      Online Job Recruitment System

      In this project job seeker can upload his or her resume on the site and recruiters can add there information , requirement and details. This is online project developed in PHP and MySql.
      Download it from Source

      Online Banking system

      Download files

      VoiceXML-based address book access using php

      Grammar for Voice/XML application

      Discussion Forums

      Download Source

      Reservation systems

      Advanced Ticketing System

      Online movie ticket reservation system


      PHP Crawler : is a web crawler written in PHP. It supports filters, limiters, cookie-handling, robots.txt handling and other features.

      Classified Ads:

      OSClass for classifieds :With OSClass, get your own classifieds website for free. Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars. Best features: Plugins, Themes, Multi-language, Captcha, Dashboard, SEO Friendly.

      Web based Appointment Systems :

      The Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS) is a system for scheduling and managing appointments over the Web. WASS includes a comprehensive system for creating/displaying appointment schedules, and an email appointment notification facility.
      Click here for more info

      Other Projects

      Social Networks
      Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
      Student Information system
      Attendance management system
      Online Shopping Project
      Speech Enabled Airline Reservation System
      Shop Management System
      Leave Application Management System
      Blogging platform with PHP 
      Simple PHP Blog without database
      Address Book
      Meeting Room Booking System
      Discussion Forum
      Beginners Hotel Management System
      School Information System
      Public Music Video Portal in PHP
      Automobile service center management System

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      Computer Science Project Ideas

      Build a Periscope

      A periscope is an instrument for observation from a concealed position. In its simplest form it consists of an outer case with mirrors at each end set parallel to each other at a 45-degree angle.


      Their are many uses but one of the most common is using it in Submarine, to look outside the water while having completely submerged.

      How to build one?

      Step 1). Take any box

      Step 2). Make two holes , one at the top and other one at the bottom of the box.

      Step 3). Fit two mirrors(not necessarily identical) at 45 degree from their respective base.

      Step 4). Its done!

      Click here for step by step tutorial

      History of Periscope

      Related PDF :

      Homemade Periscope

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      8th grade science fair project ideas

      C++ Project Ideas

      demiCHEF is an open source recipe management system for catering and restaurant businesses. Cost calculations are performed and Order lists can be generated .

      Library Management System

      Matrix Calculator

      Java Projects

      Java Projects from Providence education

      Java Phaser Project

      Utah University Projects on Java

      Java Project Ideas :

      Automatic Car Parking System

      Electronic voting System

      Web-based Photo Album Viewer.

      An XML interface to the Java Object Library Toolkit (JOLT) Spreadsheet

      Day Planner

      Video Rental System (Java / Tomcat open source application)

      Online Web Conferencing

      Library management System  

      Home banking system

      Hospital Information System

      Personal Finance Management System

      Java Sudoku : is a Java version of the game Sudoku. A backtracking algorithm cares for random puzzles and based on the Sudoku-Puzzle JavaScript.

      Discussion forums 

      Jmol : Jmol is a Java molecular viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures

      Scientific Calculator : A desktop calculator/scientific calculator. Use as desktop/graphical calculator, web applet, or to show calculator operations: arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, complex numbers, memory, statistics.

      Java Online Job Portal :
        Final Year Java Projects Ideas

        A simple web crawler
        Address book 
        Hangman that helps you with the SAT
        Flashcard game that allows you to easily create flashcards
        Java Desktop Projects
        Maze generator and maze solver
        Artificial art and Images
        Quiz Cards
        Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
        Guitar Tablature editor and player
        Semantic Web Search Engine
        Build your own search engine using lucene library
        Voice Spam Protection
        MRS chat server
        Java Web Chat 
        Sudoku on the go
        Text editor in Java

        Project Ideas about Java Games

        Asteroids shooting game
        Arianne RPG
        Tank shooting game

        Simple but useful Projects :

        Online Phone book
        Java linux accounting
        An Word Processor
        An image editor
        A CD writing interface like Nero
        A program to emulate telnet or remote login
        Proxy Server
        Chat Server


        Computer Science Project Ideas
        Final Year Computer Projects
        C++ Project Ideas
        Java Projects
        Vb Project
        Php Project
        Python Projects

        Hydrology Project

        Hydrology is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water on Earth and other planets, including the hydro-logic cycle, water resources and environmental watershed sustainability.

        Study of hydrology has been investigation and engineering for millennia and using it had changed human life completely.Around 4000 B.C the Nile was dammed to improve agricultural productivity of previously barren lands.In later years Hydrology also gave us Bernoulli's principle . In this post I am trying to give you whatever I found on internet and believes that would be useful for you.I hope you will find these links interesting and noteworthy.

        Study change in hydrological cycle because of global warming.

        Hydrolysis and Hydrology Projects ppt

        Tule Lake Hydrology Modeling Project

        Books on Hydrology (pdf):

        Wet land Hydrology

        Taking the Pulse of Hydrology

        Human induced change in Western US


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        Hydropower Projects

        Build your own Boat

        A putt-putt boat is a toy with a very simple steam engine without moving parts, powered by a candle or oil burner. Its name comes from the noise this boat makes.It is powered by a very simple heat engine.When we heat the engine which is connected with two exhaust pipes using candle, water starts to become steam and this steam push exhaust tube water forward. In this process, steam get condensed and create vacuum inside the tube due to which water from outside gets pull inside the tube which produce the sound putt.Repeated cycle of above procedure move the boats forward and gives us the impression of engine running with the sound of putt-putt.  Note that in putt-putt boats with two exhaust tubes, the water is expelled from both tubes during the first phase of the cycle, and drawn in from both tubes during the second phase of the cycle. The water does not circulate in through one tube and out through the other.

        Concept used :

        Pop-pop engine with a candle, a heating tank and two pipes (small arrows located at the end of the two pipes try to schematize the circulation of water).

        1. Heat section of Boat using fuel(candle).
        2.Thermostatic Action of Diaphragm pumps water into the boiler.

        3.Reaction of Expelled water propels Boat Forward.

        Help Available

        Tutorial of Building pop pop ( putt putt) Boat
        How do i start building boat?

        The world simplest steam boat

        We will use Concept of putt putt Boat

        Computer Controlled Rc Car

        Computer controlled cars are mini robots which can be controlled with or without wires using our computer's input devices.

        Now, question arises

        Why do we need computer controlled cars?

        Computer Science Project Ideas

        Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation, together with practical techniques for the implementation and application of these foundations.

        Electronics Engineering Project Ideas

        Though, I have discussed many topics on this site, but electronics and communication is one of my favorite subject. Projects related to this subject found everywhere and required in every branch of engineering. For ex. EC or IC is commonly used in Computer and Mechanical projects.

        To get better understanding of this subject, you need to start building circuits on bread board. It is a practical subject and would be much easier to understand when you works on it first hand. Moreover, if you want you start dissembling and reassembling of your old toys and devices, that would give you insight of their working.

        Build your own Radio

        Click here to read more about building radio
        Regenerative Radio Receivers

        Signal Processing and RF Design
        2 channel RF remote Control

        Stirling Engine Project

        How Stirling engine works:

        Stirling engine definition by wiki : click here

        For details click here

        Frequently Asked Question :-

        Q1.How can Stirling engine generate electric Power?
        Ans1.A Stirling engine generates mechanical torque directly from heat through the operation of the Stirling cycle on a working medium, which might just be air.

        Q2.Is it possible to convert a typical combustion engine into Stirling Engine?
        Ans2.The differences in the way the engines are designed to work is massive and the change over would about be impossible.

        Q3. Where to find study Material Required to build Stirling Engine?
        Ans3. Study Material which will help you to make your Stirling Engine Project :

        SFA Stirling Engine Project

        Photograph's and Description of Sterling Engine

        Video showing Working of Stirling Engine

        Books Available for Stirling Engine :-
        How do Stirling Engine Works(pdf)
        Stirling Engine Project with Parts List (pdf)

        Related Project :
        HoverCraft Project
        Stirling Engine Mini RC Car
        Solar Powered Stirling Engine Generator 
        Steam engine powered Bicycle 
        Return to Mechanical Engineering Projects

        HoverCraft Project

        1. Propellers 2. Air 3. Fan 4. Flexible skirt

        What is hovercraft?

        Hovercraft is a air cushion vehicle capable of traveling on almost any surface such as land, water,mud,ice and other surfaces easily. Project which we are discussing here runs using vacuum cleaner. It is easier to build as shown in the video given below and economical too.

        Waste Management Systems

        Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal,managing and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. Waste management is a distinct practice from resource recovery which focuses on delaying the rate of consumption of natural resources.

        Biology Project Ideas

        Mosquito Larvae Capable Of Learning

        Do you know mosquito larvae are capable of learning? It starts to learn very early because world is full of predators and In order for the prey to understand what their predators are, they have to learn it.

        Chemistry Project Ideas

        Chemistry is the science of matter, especially its properties, structure, composition, behavior, reactions, interactions and the changes it undergoes. Chemistry is sometimes called "the central science" because it connects physics with other natural sciences such as astronomy, geology and biology.

        Botany Project Ideas

        Research on cross-breeding

        A Labradoodle, a crossbred between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

        Related articles :
        Cross Bredding
        Some Ideas About Cross Breeding Sheep

        What wiki says about Cross Breeding
        A dirty word or Oppurtunity pdf
        Plant Breeding Journal
        effects of cross breeding case studey

        Maglev Train Project

        Maglev is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. It is a system of transportation that uses magnetic levitation to suspend, guide and propel vehicles with magnets rather than using mechanical methods, such as wheels, axles and bearings. Transrapid 05 in 1979 became the first maglev to get the license for passenger transportation.

        Students Project Topics

        Computer Science :-

        Vb.Net :-

        Stock Maintenance :-

        The Stock Maintenance System Project Contains Billing With printout formatting, Stock Purchasing, Sales Report, Purchase Report and Bill Transaction Details.
        Front End: VB.NET 2005, Back End: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000.