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Periodic Table Project Ideas

As we all know that a large part of chemistry is about elements. The periodic table plays a vital role in the study of these elements. Not only that but in my opinion, the Periodic table is one of the most important parts of chemistry. These tables contain elements arranged in such a way that properties of these elements are easy to remember and studying elements becomes a lot easier.

Though project ideas based on periodic tables depend on the age and expertise of student I will try my best to give you some ideas which will help you in your search.

For School kids:

1) The most basic project you can do as a kid is to draw a table or chart either on a paper on a Thermocol Try to make the chart big enough and give enough space to each column so you can add more info at the later stage of development.

2) In this idea about scripting a book about the element. It is going to be a simple white paper blank drawing book. First, you need to select n number of your favorite elements and then you can start writing about each element one by one starting from the second page as you will get both sides of pages this way. Also if you want, you can also add an index page.

To make this project more interesting try to find out all the information about elements like its history, name of the scientist who discovered it first, its uses, its atomic number, and other properties. Keep it as brief as possible. This will allow you to add more information. The most important thing is pictures if you can paste some pictures of the element itself or of material made by it than it becomes more interesting.

Additional things, you can do is to find out a picture of a scientist who found it too. This will help you include some human elements too.

3) As I was looking for some good topics on this, I found a very interesting project on another site homeschooling ideas where the author suggested to create a box with 9 racks. I would like to improvise it a bit more like, so now you can do the following things:
a) Create a box of 9 columns
b) Give a name to each Column, like Hydrogen, Helium, etc
c) Try to find an object or anything which relates to that element and put that into that column.
d) Color the column of the box same as element color

To make it more interesting you can select elements which you use in your daily life, like plastic which is made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc. You can put it in any of your columns. This will make your project useful for you too.

4) This idea is almost the same as above three but in this case, if you can able to find cartoon characters based on properties of each element than you can paste them with its elements to make the chart more interesting.

Computer Science students:


You can write HTML pages one is the home page and others for all the elements. The home page contains the Periodic table which is hyperlinked to each and every page with a link. The element page will have all the information about the element and its uses.


Download C++ Project of Periodic Table
Periodic table project in C++ for school students

For the students who are interested in singing or creating youtube videos, then you can take inspiration from the video given below.
The Element Song

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