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Computer Science:-


Stock Maintenance:-

The Stock Maintenance System Project Contains Billing With printout formatting, Stock Purchasing, Sales Report, Purchase Report, and Bill Transaction Details.
Front End: VB.NET 2005, Back End: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000.
Meta Search Engine:-

Meta Search Engine is a concept where we will take the search query and then passes it to many search engines and then filtering the duplicates and then doing the ranking. This is Known as Meta Search Engine.
I have implemented the same in this project using Google, Yahoo and MSN's Web Services.
Finally, the Motto Of the Project is to Get the Top 10 Results From the Top 3 Search Engine.


A real example of Meta Search engine


Free Blog 2: This is a free self editable blog site with an administrator control panel. Just upload and enjoy it!

An online mobile shop with shopping Cars:-

It is a highly graphical online mobile shop similar to with the shopping cart, discussion forums, member registrations and a graphical gallery of mobiles and a control panel to manage the website.

the site is designed using 1.1 and SQL server 2000.

Currency Converter:-

This article describes the details for constructing a custom ASP.NET 2.0 composite control used to convert one form of currency into another. The control consumes a public web service in order to calculate the exchange rate and uses the exchange rate returned from the web service to calculate the value of the exchanged currency.

JavaScript + for playing mp3:-

This is a web page developed in 2.0 (C#) which runs the mp3 tracks on windows as well as Mac operating systems. It supports most of the browsers. And uses Media Player and Quick Time player plugins to play the songs. There is page data entry.aspx to upload the songs in the admin directory. Need to setup the SQL server database to run this application. It needs to be set up properly with images to work properly...This code is to just learn how to play mp3 tracks on different platforms..Need to edit some links in the MediaScript.js file to play the tracks fine.

Fully Functional Real State Web Application:-

This web application has an employee login to upload/edit/delete real estate listings. It has a fully functioning search feature, which allows customers to search the site listings based on various criteria. It is a good framework to customize your own real estate site. It was built as a term project but never implemented.

VB6 and VB5

Database Viewer:-

Database Viewer application. It allows you to view and scroll through all of the records in a database.

FTP Application:-

FTP application with full VB source code.

Inventory System:-

An Inventory System, you can add, edit, sort, find, delete, print, change your password and create a backup of your database, I used MS Access database and some SQL commands.

Address Books:-
This is a new version of a family address book that I released some time ago. This time around I mostly use ADO, instead of DAO and now the user is allowed to add or remove any category of their choice. It has a lot of features such as Personal Contacts, Personal Internet Links, Search and Printing, Personal Reminders and also

Sending Email using the vbSendmail component found on

Default Login Information
login name: admin
password: admin

Read the file readme.txt before you do anything.

C and C++

Virtual Calendar with Everything in it:-

This calendar shows the current month and the user can navigate through previous or next month using arrow keys.
Source Code

Mobile Phone Shop:-

It software for mobile phone shops. This idea will help you to develop any project related to shops.
Source Code

Shop Purchaser details of Book:-

This is a simple program that is used to provide
information abt the book details.
Source Code

Airways reservation:-

serving a ticket for a customer using giving details. This project is basically a showcase of the use of graphics( mouse pointer, BMP,) with the simultaneous reserving of tickets.

Source Code
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Electronics projects

A quick and Simple radio:-

Complete guide of building radio with images.

Procedure to make this radio

How to build a Radio

An electric motor in ten minutes:-

If you are a school student then this motor will help you.

Procedure to make this motor

More Electronics Project

Biology Projects

Sweet Home Arsenic Project:-
This project goal is to research and experiment about the relationship between arsenic levels in the soil and the growth of plants

More Biology Project Ideas


  • Two-Ball Bounce
  • Cartesian Diver
  • Straw Flute
  • SideReal Pointer
  • Bernoulli Ball
  • Imploding Pop Can (Adult Supervision REQUIRED!!!)
  • Balloon in a Bottle (Adult Supervision REQUIRED!!!)
  • Vanishing Rods
  • Cat Static
  • Root Beer Float
  • CD Spectroscope
  • Fun with Flatware (Knives, Forks, and Spoons)
  • Building Better Bubbles
More Physics Projects

Chemistry Projects

Beginners level

Salt or Sugar which dissolves faster in liquid :
In this experiment, you'll see how salt and sugar molecules move within different liquids and dissolve at different rates.

Intermediate level

Can you be a human Battery:-
What you're trying to make happen is to have electrons travel through your body from one metal to the other. If you can do this, you're a human battery.
Read more about this idea

Splitting H2O in Hydrogen and Oxygen:-
Water is made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, and these gases can be produced through electrolysis.

Which metal corrodes Fast:-
Test five metals—silver, steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum—to see which corrodes fastest in water and in saltwater
Read more about this project

The ph of Rain Water from one place to another:-
What is the pH of rain in your area? Students take pH measurements for rain in their neighborhood and compare it with other students' findings. This activity is best when conducted over several weeks during a rainy time of year.
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Biology project ideas

Do plant grow at a different rate given different plant foods:-
I wanted to know the growth difference in plants when different plant foods were being fed to them. I believed that if I used Miracle-Gro the plants would grow taller than the others, I believed this because Miracle-Gro seems to be the most popular nationally known plant food in the United States of America. I hoped that this investigation would tell me what plant food makes plants grow the fast

Read more
How well human can remember things which he watches on television:-
The purpose of this experiment is to determine how well a person remembers the things they see on television. I think a person who is told to remember details will versus one who is not. By doing this experiment, I hope to find out more about the way the human brain works.

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Automatic Toll Collection Project:
Automatic Toll Collection Project

Electronic Toll Collection

Useful Links :

Automatic and intelligent toll tax Collection

Related PDF :

Toll collection technology and practices

A Model for the benefits of ETS

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