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Pedal Powered Juicer Grinder

A juicer is a tool for separating juice from fruits, herbs, leafy greens and other types of vegetables from its pulp in a process called juicing. In separating the pulp, juicers concentrate the nutrition naturally present in fruits and vegetables and allows the body to more easily absorb the nutrition than digesting the solid produce. The use of juicers also makes it easier to consume more raw produce.

Electric Juicer is very common part of our life. But , do you know how much electricity we consume while juicing! if we start using pedal powered juicers,we will not only save large amount of electricity but our body would get some exercise too.

This project idea is for mechanical  and physics students.

Ruby on Rails Project

Ruby on Rails(ROR) was first introduced by David Hansson when he was working on the basecamp project. ROR is basically a framework developed on Ruby language. It makes website development interesting and very easy.

It works on two concepts -

1)Convention over configuration - Its a software design paradigm
to gain simplicity
2)Don't repeat yourself - Same code is not repeated twice anywhere in the program

Though the flexibility of programing is compromised but the programmer gets a speedy decision making advantage and also saves himself from future problems.

David Heinemeier Hansson extracted Ruby on Rails from his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by 37signals (now a web application company).Hansson first released Rails as open source in July 2004, but did not share commit rights to the project until February 2005.In August 2006, the framework reached a milestone when Apple announced that it would ship Ruby on Rails with Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard",which was released in October 2007.

BCA Project Ideas for students

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a undergraduate degree course in India.With the boom of the IT industry, it has become one of the most sought after graduate degree courses. Full-time BCA programmes normally take three academic years.The course usually consists of programming languages, mathematics, algorithms, data structures, networking, etc.Though , you can do project on any of the above topic,but still here I am suggesting project ideas related to programming languages.

C :

You can do project related to any topic related to computer science but I would personally recommend to go for C and C ++ Projects.

Advantage of using C: 

C is the base of computer programming and once you start understanding it , you will not face any difficulty in learning new languages. Other advantage with C is that it doesn't require large computer resources and you can run its project on any machine whether you are using windows or linux server.Not only that, because C is one of the oldest language , you will get lot of free resources and books of C on internet.

Once you start developing in C , you will also start understanding limitation of C language and get an idea why we had developed other programming languages.

C++ is for those students who wants to get exposure of object oriented programming. Developing project on C Plus Plus is great way to learn classes, object and constructors.

Personal Finance Management

Personal finance refers to the financial decisions which an individual or a family unit is required to make to obtain, budget, save, and spend monetary resources over time, taking into account various financial risks and future life events.

Personal finance management is very important and useful in long term. Each individual should know about his or her spending habits as well as earning sources.

This project can be done by Computer Science , BCA , MCA and IT graduates.


This application works as a small accounting software where we need to take input from the users, do some calculation inside and store these calculation and user input inside the database.


We need to design some forms to take input from the users. For ex. Form to take input of bills such as telephone, electricity or credit cards.

Once we take input, we will add all these values according to dates ( Weekly, Daily and Monthly Basis) and store them into our database.

We can add as many forms as user needs and store them accordingly. Sometime we need to use complex formula such as finding interest on amount or things like that , but that can be easily done using loops and variables.I am giving you some projects below from open source community which help you to understand this topic more.