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Robotics projects for engineering Students

Robotics Projects for engineering Students
To be honest with you, in all ideas I shared with you, this is my favorite section.Here, we will discuss Robotics projects which will give you insight of these beautiful machines and helps you learn artificial intelligence and machine learning. We all wants to make our life easier and safe and Robotics engineering students plays a vital role in making that happen. In this post, I will try to discuss best topics I have discovered while studying about this branch. Moreover, some of the ideas discussed here wins in student's college competitions. These include robots who help in fire fighting to the one which are useful in construction. I don't know whether you will select something from this article or not but it will definitely help you in your selection of topic.

Generate electricity from Dance Floor

We all know that dance is great form of exercise.While dancing we loose lot of energy and project we are discussing today will help us to conserve this energy in the form of electricity.


To convert human energy into electricity and conserve it into battery.


To implement this project we need to use Piezoelectric materials, which has special quality of producing electricity when stress is applied on them.This effect was first studied by Carl Linnaeus and Franz Aepinus in the mid 18th century and generally occurs in crystalline materials such as quartz , topaz etc.These materials consist of asymmetric unit cells and when pressure is applied on them they get  more aligned and regular which produce potential difference between them.

To understand it , we need to know about Hooke's law and electric displacement.Hooke's law states that that stress is directly proportional to strain. When we combined these two concepts we get equation of Piezoelectricity.

How it works?

When we dance on bouncing floor (spring and series of power generating blocks) small electric current produced which is fed into nearby batteries. These batteries constantly recharged and used to power parts of the nightclub.

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Solar powered refrigerator

What is Solar Powered Referigerators?
They are absorption refrigerators.An absorption refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a heat source (e.g., solar, kerosene-fueled flame) to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling system. Absorption refrigerators are a popular alternative to regular compressor refrigerators where electricity is unreliable, costly, or unavailable, where noise from the compressor is problematic, or where surplus heat is available (e.g., from turbine exhausts or industrial processes).

Solar chimney

What is Hybrid Chimney or Solar Chimney?
Solar chimney is the natural way of keeping any building cool.It is device build for natural ventilation.It consists of black colored chimney,inlet and outlet air aperture.

Electricity generation from speed breaker

Whenever we heard of speed breaker, a negative image of them comes into our mind.They slows our cars, sometime destroy its parts and also has affect on our car mileage.

Moving Bridge

Movable Bridge is a bridge which moves upwards to allow smooth passage of ships and boats.Though physics of bridge itself a complex matter,but  movable bride is not a new concept.It has been around from centuries.Still learning about the science of bridges is great learning experience. Bride uses all three Newton laws and you should know about some basics before we discuss any further.

In this post we will discuss if we can use renewable energy sources in movable bridge which requires great amount of energy.At first it looks like a gigantic task, but it is possible with some innovation and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pollution emissions, waste, and the use of non-renewable resources to sustainable levels.There are three major sources of energy which we can use at the site of a bridge:
1. Wave or Hydro Energy
2. Wind Energy
3. Solar Energy &
4. Bio Gas

After thinking for a which I came to conclusion that bio gas would be the most viable option for achieving our  goal and we can take some help from other sources too.Though I am not sure whether the above solution works in real life or not but I am sure it deserves some experimentation in laboratories and can be used as your science fair or mechanical engineering demonstration project.

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Robotic arm with gripper

Robotic devices are used in all aspects of our world.We have seen robotic arms inside many factories working flawlessly but do you know, building a robotic arm is a challenging task. To make it works , it should perform several actions in particular order :