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Prosthesis:Low cost artificial leg

Prosthetic limb is an artificial device extension that replaces a missing body part. It is part of the field of bio mechatronics, the science of using mechanical devices with human muscle, skeleton, and nervous systems to assist or enhance motor control lost by trauma, disease, or defect.

In this world there are many people who have some kind of disability.Engineers are working day and night to   make artificial limbs which works like a normal leg and controlled by human brain. Even though they are successful in building these limbs,but in developing world there are plenty who can't afford there ultramodern limbs because of its high cost.

Bicycle powered Cell phone charger

 Mobile Phone has become very effective tool in modern world mode of communication. Even in Developing countries like Kenya (as shown in video below) it is easily accessible (thanks to china's cheap manufacturing) and airtel (cheap phone calls) mobile is within the reach of poor, but problem is how to charge a phone without a supply of electricity. In Kenya and other developing countries in Africa, charging a phone is big challenge because electricity is still a distant future for them.

Man Powered Helicopter

A human-powered helicopter is a helicopter designed to carry at least one person but limited to using only what power is provided by the person(s) on board, usually by pedalling. A high power-to-weight ratio is needed as in all helicopters. Such aircraft must be light and must have efficient rotary wings. Efficiency for human powered purposes means that the rotors must generate great lift but cause little drag, because drag consumes power.

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Balloon Popping Machines

This project is for 6th grade kids but parental guidance is very important. You have already seen this project in many movies and I am sure you got amazed while watching it.