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Balloon Popping Machines

Balloon Popping Machines

This project is for 6th-grade kids but parental guidance is very important. You have already seen this project in many movies and I am sure you got amazed while watching it.

This involves a chain of events before the balloon actually pops. It looks awesome to the audience and increases their excitement about what is going to happen after every event.

The things which we need for this project are:

1) Lever
2) Inclined Plane
3) Pulley
4) Wheel & Axle
5) Wedge
6) Screw

How to build our own?

It is not as difficult as it appears, but to get desired results and trajectory, patience is required. It works on the concept of hit and trial method because the exact trajectory of a ball would be difficult to analyze.

Java-based balloon popping?

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