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Project ideas for kids

Basic but useful projects for kids, which help them to learn important concept of science.

Disaster management System

Disasters are not new for us, they exists from ancient times but with great rise of them from last decade (Katrina & Sandy) we need to find ways to tackle them more effectively.

Science Project Ideas

Our surrounding is full of scientific activities and ideas we are going to discuss in this post is about the fascinating tools we can build using the knowledge of science and these projects will give you better perspective regarding the concepts of science.

Which material is best for parachute and why?
This is more like a case study where you would think like a scientist who needs to decide best material for parachute. You need to think about all the possible material you can use for the parachute and than need to write that why or why can't use any particular material. This is going to very informative for you in understanding material properties and give you an insight view of how companies think about deciding material they are going to use while building their product.

Windmill Blade Designs:
When we see windmill blades rotating, we never realize that even slightest difference in angles and degrees of windmill blades can unbalance the whole windmill tower and reduce its efficiency. This will also help you to understand importance of aerodynamics and air flow.

Homemade Steam Engine: Steam engine is one of the oldest type of engine. Steam engine works on very simple concept where steam pushes piston to move engine forward. The topic we are discussing here is not exactly about the engine you would imagine like train engine or other form of movable transport. Home made steam engine is just demonstration of how steam can be used to push piston and how piston can be used to move crank shaft.

Studying or building this project, will help student to understand all types of engines around.

Home Made Vacuum Pumps:
This idea will help you to understand the concept of vacuum and pressure difference. You will also get more understanding of how vacuum cleaners work and how much suction power it can have if we can able to create big vacuum.

Build your own Periscope

Rubber Band fired Airplane

Why is the color of sky is blue?

Phototropism on a plant: In this experiment, you need to study effect of sun light on plant. You can do that in this way where you take a closed box and make a hole on its one side. Than put this box on the  top of the plant. In a week or 2, you will see plant is getting tilted towards the end of the hole.

Musical Jars:  For this experiment, you take same size glass jars and fill different quantity of waters in each one of them. When you play this using spoon, you will different voices with each jar.  You can also find a reason behind that.

Balloon Powered Car: For building this car, you will need ballon, a pipe and small toy car. You can attach ballon on toy car and when the air flows out of the ballon car starts to move forward.

Study Refraction: This project will help you in understanding the refraction using bowl, water and coin. So first, you need to put the coin at the center of the bowl and once you will have water inside the bowl, you will see coin starts to appear at different position which is not its actual position. This is because of refraction and it helps kid to understand it once you tell theory about it.

Create Fountain using Balloon and Water Bottle: In this experiment, you will need one bottle ballon, two straws and Gum. You just need to create two holes in the bottle, one on its cover and second at the bottom side (either on left or right). Than, you need to put straw in both and close any gap using glue. Once you have everything ready, close the opening of the bottle using ballon. and now pull the air out of bottle using lower straw and close the straw with finger and close the tap. In last step you just need to fill water at top and release the straw slowly. This will create fountain Balloon Water Fountain

Wooden Toy Trains.

Vortex generator: You can build model of vortex generator as it plays very vital role in Aerodynamics. Not only that,  this is one of the most important part of plane which controls the airflow above the wings.

How to build rocket?

Air Rocket : This rocket works on the concept of Newton third law and to give sufficient thrust to this rocket we need some kind of force in opposite direction. As you can see by its name itself, it gets this force with Air. Basically, when we compress air, its pressure start to rise and than this compressed air can be used for many useful things. In this project we are using it to power Rocket.

Electronic Lie Detector

how to make a Parachute

Build a Periscope

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Homemade Steam Engine

Introduction :

A Steam Engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.The first practical steam-powered 'engine' was a water pump, developed in 1698 by Thomas Savery. It used a vacuum to raise water from below, then used steam pressure to raise it higher. Small engines were effective though larger models were problematic.

how to build a radio ?

Before building your own radio , you need to know about topics given below. If you already know about them then skip that part and move directly towards the link of building radio.

What is radio?

History of Radio according to wiki

How radio works?

What is the difference between AM Radio and FM Radio?

How to build a radio?

1.Science Toys

2.Pdf files for making a Radio ( Download : Right click and save target as or save link as ) :

Boys life workshop Build a radio

Make your own Crystal Radio

Videos :

Learn to make FoxHole Radio

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