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Light Weight floating Wind Turbine

A floating wind turbine is an offshore wind turbine mounted on a floating structure that allows the turbine to generate electricity or pump water in water depths where bottom-mounted towers are not feasible.

Further more, wind is more powerful over the sea in comparison to land. Though their are many ways we can use these turbines,but today we will see how we can use them for pumping water.

Farm Ponds

We all know that water is precious and with growing population and their needs, fresh water is getting even more worth full with each passing day.Main uses of fresh water are drinking,washing and in Agriculture.Each year irrigation requires large amount of water and one of the main source of this water is rain. This makes rain water harvesting a top priority for farmers in every country from east to west.

Why we need farm ponds?

Most of the farmers all around the world heavily depends upon rain for their agricultural needs.Crops are very sensitive and two or three delays of watering can have devastating impact on crop production. Farm ponds help them to become somewhat independent and they can timely give water to their crop irrespective of time of rain.It also helps to improve ground water significantly.Farms ponds with drip irrigation would play great role in water management.

Pedal Powered Water Filter

Pure water is precious and its value is known to those people who do not get it.According to the WHO, such disease account for an estimated 4.1% of the total DALY(Disability-adjusted life year) global burden of disease, and cause about 1.8 million human deaths annually.Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated fresh water. In my last post, I discussed about how we can purify it with solar energy.Though in summer solar water purifier is good option but in winter or rainy season it becomes very inefficient and slow.

We need a system which can work whole year whether it is day or night. Pedal Powered water filter is one of such solution. It is green and pollution free method of purifying water using human labor.

How it works?

We all know how nature filters our water. It evaporates dirty or sea water and later condenses it in the form of rain which is pure drinking water. Pedal powered water purifier works on the same concept. In this project we pedal our bicycle to transform water into vapor and later condense it to get clean water.

Solar powered water purification system

Waterborne diseases have significant contribution in total number of diseases around the world. Most of the developing countries governments around the world are still struggling to provide clean water to their people.This problem is much more severe in some parts of Africa.

Today we will discuss how we can use solar energy to purify water. This would be great project not only for you as your engineering project but people whom life will change by your effort.

Knowledge sharing system

We humans love to share knowledge.We often share our thoughts with our friends , family members or office colleagues.Knowledge sharing is an online platform for all those people who loves to contribute with each other.Moreover, they will not only share but also gets real time feedback from readers.

computer science and IT Students.

Advantages of Knowledge sharing system:
  • People with the same interest can interact with each other.
  • Author of any content is available to answer any query.
  • Real time updates.
Language Required:

You can build this system in whatever language you are comfortable with.For eg JSP,PHP,C# or Ruby but I would suggest you to use Content Management system(CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla or Ruby on Rails.Advantage with CMS is that it helps you to keep focus on project and remaining things would be handled by it.