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Php Project ideas

Php Project ideas
If you are one of the engineering students or learning PHP, then you have come to the right place because PHP projects listed here are very much doable and as a developer myself, I will guide you with the algorithm of each and every title listed here.

In the last couple of years, I have got an opportunity to work on a lot of PHP websites. Some are based on core PHP and some are based on a framework that is developed on PHP itself. Two of my favorite frameworks based on the model view controller are:

1) Laravel
2) Codeigniter

and for CMS, my favorite is Wordpress, because of its simplicity and availability of plugins and themes.

In the next couple of weeks, my plan is to write series of tutorials covering each and every topic related to this language and helping you to become independent while writing your own code for your school or college project.

1) In the first phase:
i) Installation of Laravel, Codeigniter, and Wordpress
ii) Creating the "Hello World" Website with all the above
iii) Creating a simple database application
iv) Working with theme and template &
v) Deploying site to live server

2) In the second Phase:
Write code for School Help Desk ( Codeigniter)

3)Third Phase (Deploy)

As I am writing on the above topics, I would like you to browse the following projects to get some idea of how things work and how to write good code.
To run or develop all the projects given below you will need PHP server and database installation. If you don't know how to install them(Apache, PHP, Mysql) manually you can use installation provided by WAMP (Windows), Xampp ( Windows and Linux).

Movie Rental Systems

Download open source video rental project called cutelibrary

Build an auction site or site that interacts with online users.
An online example is

Download simple auction script

Online Auction System

Online Hospital Management


Maintaining for website Stats such as


Online Shopping

Download links of online shopping are in the comment section

You can divide this project into three parts:
1) Getting the information:
It is a very easy project and requires knowledge of HTML Forms, PHP Form Handling and Mysql Database. How many questions you would like to ask on Scrapbook form, depends on you.
2) Storing the information provided by the user
Once you finish with the form, you will need to create a database table storing all the information submitted by the user.
3) Fetching the info from database and showing it on the frontend
And in the final step, you can show the list of all the scrapbook entries and allow the user to click on the name to read all the entries. Download Scrapbook

Photo gallery

Online Photo gallery System
Photo Album

Online Job Recruitment System

In this project job Seeker can upload his or her resume on the site and recruiters can add their information, requirement, and details. This is an online project developed in PHP and MySql.
Download it from Source

Online Banking system

VoiceXML-based address book access

Grammar for Voice/XML application .

Discussion Forums

Download Source

Reservation systems

Advanced Ticketing System

Online movie ticket reservation system


PHP Crawler: is a web crawler. It supports filters, limiters, cookie-handling, robots.txt handling and other features.

Classified Ads:

OSClass for classifieds: With OSClass, get your own classifieds website for free. Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars. Best features: Plugins, Themes, Multi-language, Captcha, Dashboard, SEO Friendly.

Web-based Appointment Systems :

The Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS) is a system for scheduling and managing appointments over the Web. WASS includes a comprehensive system for creating/displaying appointment schedules, and an email appointment notification facility.
Click here for more info

Other Projects

Social Networks
Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
Student Information system
Attendance management system
Online Shopping Project
Speech Enabled Airline Reservation System
Shop Management System
Leave Application Management System
Blogging platform 
Simple Blog without database
Address Book
Meeting Room Booking System
Discussion Forum
Beginners Hotel Management System
School Information System
Public Music Video Portal in PHP
Automobile service center management System

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Can you post the shopping online project by PHP programming please ? Thanks

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the tools
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