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Pedal powered Grinding Mill

Grain grinder needs no introduction, it has a significant contribution in our life whether we have it at our home or not but we all are dependent on it for our food. This project idea is for mechanical and physics students.

Pedal powered Grinding Mill

There are basically two types of grinders :

1.Automatic Electric Machine driven grinder
2. Human-powered grinder

Purpose: This project is based on the human-powered grinder. Instead of driving it by hand, we would use cycle pedals to grind wheat or other grains.

Concept:  We will connect the cycle wheel with a grinder using different gears. By rotating wheels with the help of pedal, our pedal-powered grinder starts to rotate. Remaining all the parts works as they do in traditional grinders.

Merits :
1. It will save electricity
2.Easier to maintain
3. Make yourself fit.

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