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Build your own Boat

A putt-putt boat is a toy with a very simple steam engine without moving parts, powered by a candle or oil burner. Its name comes from the noise this boat makes.It is powered by a very simple heat engine.When we heat the engine which is connected with two exhaust pipes using candle, water starts to become steam and this steam push exhaust tube water forward. In this process, steam get condensed and create vacuum inside the tube due to which water from outside gets pull inside the tube which produce the sound putt.Repeated cycle of above procedure move the boats forward and gives us the impression of engine running with the sound of putt-putt.  Note that in putt-putt boats with two exhaust tubes, the water is expelled from both tubes during the first phase of the cycle, and drawn in from both tubes during the second phase of the cycle. The water does not circulate in through one tube and out through the other.

Concept used :

Pop-pop engine with a candle, a heating tank and two pipes (small arrows located at the end of the two pipes try to schematize the circulation of water).

1. Heat section of Boat using fuel(candle).
2.Thermostatic Action of Diaphragm pumps water into the boiler.

3.Reaction of Expelled water propels Boat Forward.

Help Available

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We will use Concept of putt putt Boat

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