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Hand Gesture Controlled Robot

The gesture is a way to express our ideas using our head or body. To build a hand gesture robot we will build a system using which our robot can recognize any gesture with the help of its camera, afterward classify this gesture with the help of some algorithm and respond accordingly. To make it simple, You can understand the working of this robot in the following steps:
1. Send Signals using Remote Device(Your Hand, Face, Body or remote)
2. The robot receives Signals using Cameras on-board.
3. Use Algorithm to decode the signal
4. Match that signal with stored signals
5.If match found then follow instructions as specified.
To build a Robot controlled by hand gesture, you will need the following things:

  • Transmitter Circuit
  • Receiver Circuit
  • LilyPad Arduino: This board is based on ATmega168V. The main advantage of using Lilypad is that it can be sewn with the fabric easily. And as we want to control the robot with gestures, we need the board which we can stitch with Gloves and wear it easily.
  • Accelerometer: Accelerometer has become a household name with the introduction of them in our smartphones. They help phone software to determine the orientation of the phone. In our project, they will help us to determine the orientation of the hand. And based on the signal we receive, we change the direction of our robot. 
  • RF 433 Module: These are Radio Frequency Modules, which helps us to transfer and receive serial data on prefixed frequencies. They are commonly used with encoder and decoder. So basically, if you want to send Hello World text to the receiver, you can use RF 433 which converts your serial data into airwave and transmit it to the receiver using its Antenna. 
  • HT 12 D
  • Battery

WiiRobot: In this project, students of Brown University build a simple and reproducible gesture-based robot controller. It consists of Wii Remote, Asus eeePC,  Ubuntu Eee(as Operating System), USB Webcam, USB Bluetooth Dongle, and other components. To recognize gestures, a team of wiiRobot used two algorithms:
1.K-Nearest Neighbor and
2.Sum of square differences

Wireless Gesture Controlled Toy
The objective of this project is to build a toy car that can be controlled by gestures wirelessly. The user is able to control motions of the car by wearing the controller glove and performing predefined gestures.
This project provides a basic platform for many potential applications such as wireless controlled toys racing games, gesture human-machine interfacing, and etc.

How it works?

More info at Cornell University Page

How to build one?
Complete details about Gesture Controlled Tank Toy

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