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Highway Wind Turbines

We all know that how important wind power is.The only disadvantage with wind power is that it needs continuous flow of wind to generate electricity. Moreover, this is the reason that most of wind mills area is limited to large farmlands, sea and hills.

Project idea we are discussing today can solve this limitation problem. The only place in the world , where winds keeps on flowing irrespective of season whether day or night is Highways . What if we install our wind turbine at Dividers?

  • Installation on divider not only reduce our land cost but also significantly optimize our power generation capability.
  • We can use energy from vehicles from both sides of divider.
  • Can generate electricity from natural wind also.

When any vehicle move forward , it produce strong wind force at its sides. In this project, we would use that force to rotate our turbine. And, this turbine would be designed in such a way that it can use force of both the sides of divider as shown in the video.


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Kevin .R said...

Thats a really nice and Innovative idea CG..
i am doin my 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
i am really confused in selecting my Final Year Project
I will be really greatfull if u help me out with this

Thank u
mail ID :

Unknown said...

Hey Kevin I am planing the Sam e project for my 3 rd year.
It would be very helpfully if you help me with this project.
Thank u

mukesh said...


i would like to this as my main project please help me by sending the info abu this highway wind turbine

Anonymous said...

may u please send me this project details . my id is :

Unknown said...

The energy which we are generating can't be produce more 10mw. So what's the important of installing wind mills on divider..
Even if we, still we have to install for thousand of miles for constant generation of power. Initially installation n maintenance cost is very high.

CG said...

Thanks @Kushal... for your comment. I appreciate your thinking and issues raised by you but Highway windmill have many advantages:

1. Minimum cost of land

2. Windmill gets its wind from cars movement so it will generate more electricity.

3. Electricity generated by these windmills can be used on highway itself(lights, phones, petrol pumps, restaurant) so zero transmission loss.

4.Initial installation cost would be lesser than any other wind power plant because in highway windmill transportation is to highway itself while in other wind mill it includes highway + distance between highway and available land.

5. When their is no transmission of electricity outside highway periphery,it would not required much equipment as well as wires,so therefore its maintenance cost would automatically be lower.

Unknown said...


i would like to this as my main project please help me by sending the info abt this highway wind turbine

Anonymous said...

can u send me the journal about this project and other information of the project? as in like solidworks and the materials needed to build to make it fucntion.. and the metholody of the project sort of thing. i would much appreciate ur help. Email me at

Anonymous said...

can u send paper related to this? because we are doing this project as final year project.please give some idea

CG said...

For your project, you can create model of highway and divider as shown in the Video. In the middle of that highway, you can put paper turbines, as shown in the video. For Air, you can use table fans. As, I have not tried it myself, I would like you to consult with your teachers first.