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Real Time Sorting Machine

It is a Candy sorting machine built in LEGO. It is using Java Optimized Processor which is mounted on the LRBJOP board. It is using a tilt-tray sorter method.

Why Real-Time Sorting used?
A tilt-tray sorter is a high-speed, continuous-loop sortation conveyor that uses a technique of tilting a tray at a chute to slide the object into the chute. It is used to expedite the process of Order fulfillment to consolidate line items of an order and to process returned products for immediate updating of inventory in real-time.

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Java Optimized Processor :  
The unit controlling the LEGO motors and sensors is Java Optimized Processor (JOP). JOP is a Java processor, an implementation of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in hardware.JOP executes Java Byte-code with precise timing constraints for each instruction, enabling execution time and scheduling verification.
Click here for JOP Design website

Uppaal :
Implementation has been modeled and verified using Uppaal. Uppaal is an integrated tool environment for modeling, validation, and verification of real-time systems modeled as networks of timed automata, extended with data types (bounded integers, arrays, etc.)

Lego PCB : 
LEGO PCB is a robotics invention system of the LEGO Group. It was intended for children, but it turned out to be a great toy for adults, too. It combines electric components like sensors and actuators with Lego bricks and Lego Technical parts, such as gears, wheels, and axles, to build robots and other automated or interactive systems.

Made by: Peter Olsen, Thomas Bøgholm, and Henrik Kragh-Hansen

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