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Fluid Mechanics Projects

Fluid Mechanics Projects
Fluid mechanics is the study of fluids and the forces on them. Fluids are liquids, gases, and plasmas. It influences everything from aircraft and car performance to blood flow and breathing. Most of the fluid mechanics projects depend on formula v1p1/t1 = v2p2/t2, which states that pressure and volume are inversely proportional while temperature is inversely proportional to both. Wayne State University has dedicated to word files(downloadable) related to fluid mechanics. Most processes that convert energy from one form to another depends heavily on fluid mechanics

On the Website of the Technical University of Denmark, they have discussed an assortment of projects connected to it. If some of you are interested in a demonstration than you can visit Wolfram website Demonstrations.

Fluid mechanics projects attract sponsors too. This field is very pertinent for Automobile, Aircraft, and Space research organizations. Moreover, the list of IIT Madras sponsored projects proves my point.

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