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Maze solving Robot

We have discussed many projects in Robotics before including Line Follower Robot. Maze Solving Robot is similar project but before we discuss about this project, we should know about maze and our objective.

What is Maze?

Maze is a type of puzzle with start start and end points including many dead ends.To solve this puzzle we need to find right path in a fastest possible way.

What type of maze we are going to use for our robot?
Usually, this project requires line maze which is black line on a white background.

Our Objective:

We will build a robot which can find its way in a line maze from start point to end point.

Basic Requirements:

Two Motors: Motors will move robot forward(Both motors running) and help it turns towards left(left motor slow and right fast) or right( right motor slow and left fast).

Five Infrared Sensors: Sensors helps robot to find its path and keeps it updated about the line on the floor.With five sensors their are 32 combination possible but many of them are unlikely to occur in our experiment.For ex. 11111(All indicating black) will never occur because their is only one line and this pattern is showing that line on both side of robot including line on which it is moving.

Discussion Forum PHP and MYSQL


Today we will learn  how to create a simple discussion forum using PHP and MYSQL. This project is big and can't be covered in single post,so I would divide it into four different posts. Today we will discuss about how we can create skeleton of this project.Next week, we will see how we can use advance features such as jquery,ajax,functions and classes with this project.

File Structure:
We will create five files in root folder and one file db.php (Database configuration file) inside config folder.
index.php : This is home_page or our site from where user can sign in
sign_up.php:  Its for new users registration
discuss.php: Post topics
reply.php : Post replies
log_out.php:log out user

Tools: Apache, PHP and Mysql (Download Xampp or WAMP)

What we are trying to do?

When we think about discussion forum, we know that we will need one login system and only registered can post and reply inside the forum.So, we will create three pages just for user login and they are index.php(login form), sign_up.php(for registering new users) and log_out.php(to remove session).

Other two pages will be used for discussion;first for submitting topic and other one will be used for replying.

Study of Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are heat removal devices which are used to transfer heat from cooling water to the atmosphere.

What does a cooling tower do?

1)They promote efficient water uses
2)Prevents environmental damages

Animation shown at the University of Michigan website will help you to understand more about hyperbolic stack-natural draft cooling towers.

Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System