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Electricity generation from speed breaker

Whenever we heard of speed breaker, a negative image of them comes into our mind.They slows our cars, sometime destroy its parts and also has affect on our car mileage.

Today, we are discussing about breakers which are not only safe for our cars but also generate electricity using mechanical energy of cars.

Is it possible?
Yes it is , Designer Peter Hughes designed speed bumps which can produce £1 and £3.60 of energy an hour for up to 16 hours a day, or between £5,840 and £21,024 a year. Read More

How it works?
When cars pass through the top of speed breaker, it push panels go up and down, setting a cog in motion under the road. This then turns a motor,which produces mechanical energy. A steady stream of traffic passing over the bump can generate enough electricity to lighten up our streets.

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