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Spherical Solar Energy Cells

The biggest hurdle in the use of clean energy is their costing which is far more than traditional sources. We at always try to bring you information about the latest technologies and innovation and this article is one of those posts where we will not discuss ideas but technology which in the future has the potential to change our lives. 

Scientist around the world is working day and night to make it cost-effective. Batteries and Material costs are the two main reasons for its high production cost. We can bring down its cost in two ways; first by reducing the price of storage that we discussed in our last post and second by improving the efficiency which we are discussing today.

Spherical Solar Energy CellsThe new solar cell developed by Barcelona scientist Andre Broessel which can significantly improve the efficiency of existing cells.

The problem with existing solar cells is that they have low efficiency. German Architect Andre experiment seems to be a solution to this problem and it would improve its efficiency by 35 percent.

It is based on the concept of focusing sunlight to one point. The founder of this technology claims that it will not only improve the efficiency of the solar power plants but also produce electricity when sunlight is not widely available i.e. night. Moreover, with the help of spherical cells, we can produce solar power 24x7 which is itself a revolution and launchpad for future ideas to blossom.

Advantages of using these:

  1. Receive More Sunlight
  2. With its shape and small diameter (80mm) and weight around 870 gm, it provides flexibility in designing 
  3. It takes 320 times less surface for Solar Cells while providing an equal amount of electricity

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How it works?
It catches sun rays from all directions and concentrates these rays(moonlight or sunlight) on one point. The biggest advantage of using this technology is that It concentrates light by 10,000 times.

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