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Knowledge sharing system

We humans love to share knowledge.We often share our thoughts with our friends , family members or office colleagues.Knowledge sharing is an online platform for all those people who loves to contribute with each other.Moreover, they will not only share but also gets real time feedback from readers.

computer science and IT Students.

Knowledge sharing system
Advantages of Knowledge sharing system:
  • People with the same interest can interact with each other.
  • Author of any content is available to answer any query.
  • Real time updates.
Language Required:

You can build this system in whatever language you are comfortable with.For eg JSP,PHP,C# or Ruby but I would suggest you to use Content Management system(CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla or Ruby on Rails.Advantage with CMS is that it helps you to keep focus on project and remaining things would be handled by it.

Any Authenticated user can write an article and share it with other users. Users with or without authentication can read any article written on the site and can also comment on it


If you are using CMS. It is very easy. You need to define role of users and give them permission accordingly. In drupal you can add or set permission using "People" option of Administrator toolbar.

Administrator : read,write,delete and edit any article and comment.
Authenticated:  read any article and write,edit and delete his own article.
User: read any article on given page

How to build it?

Building it is very easy using drupal(requires php and mysql).You just need to download and install drupal into your system.Everything from authentication,commenting,Permissions and Roles would be handled by drupal.


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jun said...

can use to develop it?

Cg said...

Ofcourse you can do that