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Thermo Acoustic Refrigerator

Thermo Acoustic RefrigeratorThermoacoustics is the study of the interactions between thermodynamic and acoustic phenomena. Thermoacoustics is a relatively new field of science and engineering. Few devices based on this principle have been made thus far. Most are for research purposes.

Thermoacoustic refrigerators have no ozone-depleting or toxic coolant and few or no moving parts, therefore, require no dynamic sealing or lubrication.

Concept :

The above formula states that there is a relation between pressure changes and temperature changes. A dynamic pressure would cause a dynamic temperature and vice versa

Interference between the incoming and reflected wave is now imperfect since there is a difference in amplitude causing the standing wave to travel little, giving the wave acoustic power. In the acoustic wave, parcels of gas adiabatically compress and expand. Pressure and temperature change simultaneously, when the pressure reaches a maximum or minimum, so does the temperature. Heat pumping along with a stack in a standing wave device can now be described using the Brayton cycle.

Thermoacoustic engines (sometimes called "TA engines") are thermoacoustic devices that use high-amplitude sound waves to pump heat from one place to another, or conversely use a heat difference to induce high-amplitude sound waves.

Thermoacoustics is a relatively new field of science and engineering.

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