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360-degree panorama Camera

360-degree panorama Camera
"A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. The camera is an integral part of human life, we can't imagine living without it. Without camera too, humans were very much interested in depicting themselves on the paper, when there was no camera around, painters played the role of the camera. Even, you can find photographs of emperors and scientist from last centuries painted by that time great painters.

So, what's new in panorama photographs?

They are the future, imagine a world where you don't need to worry about adjusting frame, frames or taking individual photographs, Panoramic camera would take 360-degree photographs of any particular time. Moreover, if we can make a 360-degree video from that, it would appear to viewer as that he himself is standing at the place of the photograph.

Old Town Square Christmas Market in Prague

What's the Idea?

If you build your final year engineering project related to Panoramic cameras or images, you may end making big bucks in the future. Moreover, there is a large scope for improvement in this field. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered  For e.g.  how we will embed a panorama camera with our mobile phone. What if for that we need to change the shape and size of our mobile forever. This is a great idea and I want some of you to work for it and bring happiness on the face for camera lovers.

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