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Can Crusher Experiment

Can crushing is very important to reuse aluminum in these cans. Moreover, this contributes to significantly lower the waste management problem. These can crusher can be made to work mechanically so that no electricity is needed to crush them.

Why can crushing project is important?

The process of can crushing is very complex now. Every one throws there waste including cans to the dustbin, from there it is collected to throw in a city garbage area. Waste management people collect each can from there manually. And then these cans go for recycling in a big crusher. This whole process takes a large amount of time and energy. We can reduce this problem if we crush them manually or with little electricity and then use them or sell them to aluminum buyers.

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Plasma Dynamic Can Crusher:  A 100 micro-Farad capacitor is charged up to 10 kV which discharges through a 3 turn copper coil upon triggering the spark gap switch. The magnetic field thus produced in the coil is so strong that any soda can, within the coil, will be crushed.

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