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School Websites

This project is for students of Computer Science, Information Technology and MCA. It will help you to get an understanding of real-world requirements and implementations. In this post, we will take hypothetical example  "iproject ideas school" and discuss how to code it. After understanding basics you can build any website related to schools.

Start with Requirement Analysis :

5 dynamic web pages that can be updated by school staff on a regular bases. These 5 pages are home, news, contact us, feedback and login page.

School Website Pages
Dig deeper into requirements  :

1. Home page:  Welcome page for visitors: some basic information about the school.

2. News page: This page will publish news about new happenings in school.

3.Contact Us: School address and phone numbers

4. Feedback: It will have a form to get feedback from users

5 Login Page: This page will be used by teachers to login.
Back End (Databases)

Database Name: iprojectschool
Pages_Detail: Page_id of type int, Page_Name of type varchar(50) and Page_data of type text
Login:  User_id of type int, Username of type varchar(50) and Password is of type varchar(50)

I think the above requirements are sufficient to build basic and easy to understand website if you want you can scale it up.

Coding Part :

We are going to use PHP and Mysql.I am coding in PHP but logic is the same for all other languages.

Software Requirements :
You will need PHPMyAdmin, Apache Server.

 Before writing any code, it is important to know that, what we are going to do?

We will design an admin page to display and update our database tables. (For this example, we will use PHPMyAdmin)

We will design the home page of the school.

That's it.some of you argue that what about the other pages? Our home page will handle all that stuff. I will explain to you how?

Step 1. First of all, create a database using PHPMyAdmin.

Step 2. Insert some data for our pages with the help of PHPMyAdmin.

Step3. Then create a directory of iprojectschool in our root folder such as htdocs

Step4. Create a new file home using notepad and save it with PHP extension.  Now open it with notepad and paste database connection strings into it.

Step5. Type the given code into your file.

School Website Code

Step 6. Create a login with the help of this site.

Step 7. Create a feedback form

Most of the things that have been covered in this tutorial are for education purposes and not for commercial use, still if you need any help. leave comment. The purpose of this post is not to spoon-feed you but make you think. You can't complain that there is no CSS associated with it or I have not discussed security with you, I left them intentionally for you.

I hope it helped.

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